Corsicana Mattress Launches Turnkey e-Commerce Program

Due to the impact COVID-19 has had on its brick-and-mortar retail partners, Corsicana Mattress Co. has introduced a new boxed bed program that will allow retailers to offer consumers a wider range of e-commerce products. The program will include 20 mattresses from the Sleep Inc., American Bedding, Renue and NightsBridge brands that will range in price from $199 to $999 in queen.

In an effort to support retailers combatting the affect COVID-19 has had on their businesses, Corsicana’s BNB program gives retailers the ability to expand their omni-channel strategies with a complete merchandising program. Giving retailers an option of having the product either delivered to the retail store or direct to the consumer’s home, Corsicana will manage the logistics and delivery. Each retailer that opts into the program will be provided with the tools needed to sell directly to consumers via an e-commerce platform of their choice.

“Over the last few weeks, the rate of in-store mattress purchases has decreased significantly, and we are now seeing consumers shop increasingly online during this pandemic. Corsicana is committed to helping our brick-and-mortar retailers successfully navigate this pandemic by offering them a turnkey, complete merchandising program with full logistics support through an e-commerce channel,” said Eric Jent, executive vice president of sales of Corsicana Mattress.

“With our program, a retailer can be online quickly with the ability to service its customers rapidly. We have curated a great selection of product at varying price points to also help them reach all consumers.”

The new program will not only allow retailers to sell directly to consumers, but it will allow them to expand their product selection now and after the pandemic. All mattresses offered are manufactured domestically and will be ready to ship as orders are placed.


About Corsicana Mattress: Founded in 1971 in Corsicana, Texas, Corsicana Mattress now operates nine factories across the country and has become one of the mattress industry’s largest manufacturers. The company offers a full range of promotional and step-up products that feature the latest in sleep technology, including innerspring, memory foam and hybrid models. The company also has a mattress-in-a-box line that simplifies delivery. Corsicana leverages its national manufacturing presence to provide industry-leading quality, value, delivery and customer service. Its mission is to provide hard-working Americans with innovative and affordable sleep products that improve their quality of life.