Corsicana Is Redefining Affordable Luxury With New Value Collection

Corsicana Mattress is set to launch a value-priced innerspring line that features upscale components typically found at higher price points. The new NightsBridge collection includes high-end features such as graphite-infused foams, micro-coils, high-density gel memory foams and high-resilient support foam that deliver a luxurious feel and superior durability.

Retailing for $699 to $999 in queen, the eight-model NightsBridge collection will be showcased at the summer Las Vegas Market alongside four other Corsicana brands that have been launched or re-launched in the past year.

“With at least 75 percent of mattress units selling at price points below $1,000, NightsBridge is targeting the vast majority of consumers who are in the market to buy, but want more features and benefits and willing to pay a few more dollars to get a more luxurious sleep experience,” said Michael Thompson, chief executive officer of Corsicana Mattress. “This new collection demonstrates that a consumer doesn’t have to pay $3,000 or more for luxury. Our design team has taken many of the components typically found in more expensive products and through more efficient sourcing and manufacturing, are able to deliver it at very aggressive price points.”

In addition to the upscale comfort components, the new models come in both a sophisticated light or dark top panel, a feature that lends itself to upscale retail displays that convey the luxury message.

At market, the NightsBridge display will also be accessorized with pillows, throws and other textiles with an upscale look and feel—and Thompson said dealers can enhance the success of the line with a similar display.

“Before NightsBridge, many of our dealers did not have a viable affordable luxury choice to put on their floors,” Thompson said. “Their consumers don’t want to pay several thousand dollars for a bed, but they are willing to go above $500 for something special. With this new line, we are delivering on that need.”

The new products have all been developed at Corsicana’s recently opened product innovation center at its Dallas headquarters, where an integrated team of designers, engineers and marketers strive to enhance innovation in the under-$1,000 mattress segment.