Cool Sleep with the New Gel Comfort™ line from Jamison

Jamison Bedding introduces cool comfort and cool sleep at the High Point market with the launch of their new specialty line called Gel Comfort™. “Captain Cool,” a penguin character and product mascot promotes the unique gel-visco foam mattress collection.

The new, four-model collection incorporates JGel™, an exclusive formulation of high density memory foam blended with gel beads that are significantly more substantial than those in other gel-foams, improving the line’s temperature control performance.

In August, Jamison became the first U.S. mattress producer to adopt JGel in early product presentations to retailers. According to Ken Hinman, senior vice president of sales and marketing, the company’s new Gel Comfort line will retail from $1,099 to $1,999 in queen and carries a 10-year full warranty. The products offer retailers and consumers a number of key benefits.

“The JGel component enables us to address more aggressively the issue of body temperature and its impact on the quality of sleep,” he said. “Our beds are also available in a range of feels and options that will satisfy virtually any comfort preference.”

Gel Comfort mattresses incorporate the same quality foam core used in the company’s highly regarded Marriott Hotel mattresses and can be used with any one of three Jamison adjustable bed bases or with the company’s high-profile, heavy-duty steel and wood foundation.

“We further ensure a cool and comfortable sleep experience with an active air exchange design that aids the circulation of air throughout the product,” Hinman said. “

We designed, specified and built Gel Comfort to fulfill the commitment that’s inherent in our new brand position, ‘We Make Sleep Different.’ The products are unique, on-trend and highly competitive, yet reflect the superior quality and care that is a major part of our heritage.”

Aiming to visually communicate the cool comfort and cool sleep that the line delivers, Jamison’s Gel Comfort models have a sleek, European look afforded by non-quilted, four-way super-stretch knit or cotton velour covers in shades of Arctic White. Model names are embroidered in cool cobalt and azure blues on the beds’ foot borders.

To lead the Gel Comfort “charge” both instore and at market is Captain Cool, the endearing penguin plushy Jamison has designed as an appropriate symbol of the cooling properties of the new collection.

To be used in retail promotions and events, the “superhero” is outfitted with a Jamisonbranded blue cape and will be present en masse in a designated “Chill Room” in the company’s market space.

The Chill Room will showcase the new line plus a comprehensive point-of sale program that includes matching top-of-bed items, signage and POP materials, coordinated latex sleeping pillows and a modular tower for displaying all Gel Comfort accessories.