Comfort Solutions Re-Engineers Dr. Breus Bed Collection

Comfort Solutions’ popular Dr. Breus Bed line has been re-engineered to offer enhanced body conformance, responsiveness and feel. Covers, colors and aesthetic appointments have been updated while preserving the beds’ clean, modern design.

Influential sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus and Comfort Solutions will present in Las Vegas an all-new, six-bed mattress series starting with Vitality and moving up to Longevity, Endurance, Synergy, Stability and Success models, set to range at retail from $1,299 to $3,499 in queen.

By varying the amount and type of latex used in each product series, every Dr. Breus Bed now offers different comfort levels and recovery characteristics, reflecting the overriding product philosophy that “one size does not fit all.”

“Some Dr. Breus Bed models are firmer and provide a faster foam recovery,” president Dave Roberts explained, “while others offer plusher comfort and a slower recovery feel.

“In every case except for Vitality, different feels can be combined into a single model whose comfort and support characteristics can serve two different body types, such as a slightly built woman and a heavy set man.”

The collection’s computer-based, in-store SleepMatch™ program provides assessments and recommendations for individualized, healthy sleep across the entire line.

Setting a new esthetic standard for the collection, the top-of-the-line Success model now has a double pillow-top design, waterfall tailoring and a striking, high-contrast palette. New colorways in the collection involve silver and gold.

The 2013 Dr. Breus Bed line remains true to Breus’ “Four Tenets to a Better Night’s Sleep”: Thermo-neutrality throughout the night (using Tempsense™), balanced pressure to promote uninterrupted sleep,  ideal support and spinal alignment to encourage muscle relaxation, and reduced movement for undisturbed sleep.

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About Comfort Solutions: A global mattress producer and name, Comfort Solutions has 10 domestic and 38 international licensees, serving more than 80 countries. Each is committed to helping drive business for its retail customers through relevant and innovative brands and programs. Under its “Never Stop Dreaming” brand message, the company markets multiple branded collections that also include King Koil®, iMattress™ and Laura Ashley®.