Comfort Solutions’ Introductions Designed to Exceed Retailer Expectations

Comfort Solutions will present in Las Vegas a number of new models across its Natural Response®, iMattress™, Laura Ashley® and King Koil® Posture Sense™ collections that focus on improving the consumer’s sleep experience while delivering more product options for retailers.

“Our presentations in Las Vegas reflect two of our most important and ongoing strategic initiatives: to enhance the performance of our products based on a commitment to fully understand the sleep process, and to provide retail customers with mattress designs and values that give them a true competitive edge in their local markets,” noted Cindy Williams, senior vice president of marketing.

“Dealers visiting our space during the show will recognize those strategies reflected across four of Comfort Solutions’ key demand brands,” she said.

In its Natural Response line, the company has added six new latex-centric models—from premium to high-end versions—that specifically address the natural need for sleepers to shift positions during the night, but without impacting the rhythms or quality of their sleep.

Expected to retail at luxury price points, the new Natural Response beds use proprietary components and designs focused on delivering ease of movement during sleep—the importance of which was confirmed in a recent industry presentation by Dr. Neil Stanley, a highly credentialed sleep expert.

Among the beds’ features is a new Gel Response™ latex component developed exclusively for Comfort Solutions. The gel-latex has a channel convolution that maximizes air flow, temperature regulation and pressure relief.

Working in concert with the Gel Response latex are layers of a new high-density, comfort-soft poly foam that provides extra pressure relief and exceptional conformance and comfort.

The Gel Response latex and comfort poly foam components are paired with a solid, anatomically-engineered foam core that has specific contour cuts designed to support those areas of the body that curve away from the sleep surface, such as the lower back and shoulders.

New Natural Response models also have latex toppers that offer soft to medium comfort feels. The toppers feature a proprietary Comfort Solutions’ design produced in Belgium that provides added air flow and temperature regulation. New stretch knit covers offer still further thermic benefits.

“These new beds capitalize on the superior ability of latex—versus today’s standard memory foams or gel memory foams—to provide vastly better conformance and what we refer to as an ‘instantaneous, energetic response’ to body movement,” explained Owen Shoemaker, senior vice president of product development.

“Our goal is to reinforce the critical role that mattress ‘responsiveness,’ combined with pressure relief, plays in sleep quality, and to reflect that in the design, performance and name of these new Natural Response models.”

Available on either an adjustable base or a traditional foundation, Williams said the beds will be shown in a white and platinum color way with soft blue accents. The overall look is "clean, modern and simple, focusing on the attendant brand message that 'Sleep is a natural response to the end of your day."

Also on tap for market are two new, ultra-premium iMattress models at $2,999 and $3,499 retails in queen, incorporating additional layers of Comfort Solutions’ iFusion™ gel foam and the company’s new Gel Response latex.

“Retailers told us they wanted even more options in comfort and luxury in the iMattress line, and these new high-end beds strongly deliver on that need,” Williams noted.

The higher priced model is a three-piece design—the first in the iMattress series—and features a four-inch, reversible topper that uses both Gel Response latex and iFusion layers.

The new luxury iMattress models will be shown in a contemporary cream/gold super-stretch knit cover, accented with a soft, mocha-colored fabric.

Comfort Solutions also will bring to Las Vegas a new Laura Ashley Value Collection priced for retail promotions and aimed at drawing shoppers who are attracted to the venerable lifestyle brand, but continue to seek good values. The new encased-coil line features fabric patterns and colors drawn from an assortment of popular Laura Ashley designs.

Finally, the company will present two new, coil-based Posture Sense beds that will “provide retailers with additional options in our King Koil series of products,” Shoemaker said. “These models extend beyond simple, value-oriented designs and will compete very effectively with other flagship beds in the market.”

The Posture Sense models include a three-piece version with a reversible top for extended wear, and a new “pillowed Eurotop” design.

Both beds feature the King Koil brand’s Cool Cell™ Technology combining open-cell memory foam and gel cells for conformance, breathability and a cooler sleep surface.

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About Comfort Solutions: A global mattress producer and name, Comfort Solutions has 10 domestic and 38 international licensees, serving more than 80 countries. Each is committed to helping drive business for its retail customers through relevant and innovative brands and programs.