Comfort Solutions Introduces ‘Cooler Side of Sleep’ in iMattress™

Reflecting the innovative and solution-oriented focus of its new Never Stop Dreaming™ brand platform, Comfort Solutions unveils at Las Vegas Market one of its most dynamic specialty bed collections in recent years, called iMattress™.

“The cooler side of sleep,” the iMattress collection features a new iFusion™ component—an open-cell memory foam infused with cooling gel spheres—plus a zoned AirFlo™ system that vastly improves the internal air exchange and breathability of the beds.

Employing an intuitive “dotted i” tailoring method at the foot end of each bed, the entire iMattress line includes four foam-core models in the G Series, plus four hybrid (Xs Series) models that combine iFusion foam with an encased coil core.

Noted company president Dave Roberts, “We believe that the time we invested developing our gel-foam sleep systems has resulted in a unique, intelligent product collection delivering the benefits of conforming comfort that sleeps cool in a superior way.”

“iMattress offers an exclusive combination of features, advantages and comfort choices, appealing purchase terms and pricing, that serve as powerful motivators for consumers to buy,” Roberts said.

According to Owen Shoemaker, senior vice president of marketing and product development, iFusion foam provides 12 times the breathability of standard memory foam. The Airflo system system involves several component layers that are zone-perforated at key “heat regions,” provides maximum expulsion of warmed air out from the mattress and improves air exchange capacity by as much as 400 percent.

“We’ve also added Excellent Edge® foam encasement at the upper end of the G Series to provide firm, stable edge support and 10 percent more useable sleeping surface,” Shoemaker said.

A compact layer of high-density Slotex™ in the top G series model is a hypoallergenic, slow-recovery latex with higher density, which contributes to “at rest” support.

“Slotex recovers more gradually than traditional latex, acting more like a shoe insert that provides additional arch support. In the case of iMattress, it translates to the arch of the back in the lumbar area,” Shoemaker explained.

“This option reaches consumers who like the conforming feel of memory foam but want more resilience and freedom of movement.”

iMattress beds have StayFresh™ technology applied to the iFusion foam which provides both odor absorption and hypoallergenic properties.

Carrying a 25-year limited warranty and offered with a 120-day comfort trial guarantee, iMattress beds are available with a solid support wood foundation or two-way adjustable Ergo Motion® base. Designed to retail at price points that would appeal to a wide range of consumers and budgets, iMattress foam core G models are expected to retail from $1,299 to $2,499 in queen; the hybrid (Xs) coil versions deliver even more affordable values at queen retails ranging from $799 to $1,699.

Shoemaker concluded, “Our vision was to address the concept of cool, conforming sleep in a way that distinguishes our product in performance, appearance and desirability. We believe iMattress delivers the very best gel-foam sleep experience at the greatest value.”

iMattress will be highly differentiated on retail floors not only for its distinctive “dotted i” fabric treatment, the company said, but for its clean, modern product presentation and point-of-sale materials, all accented in a striking salmon color.

The comprehensive in-store presentation options include curved, backlit headboards accommodate any of four dramatic lifestyle images, coordinating bolster pillows and foot protectors, and an interactive iVideo unit that plays consumer videos on product performance and benefits. The POS program has consumer brochures, product information cards and a three-stepped demo unit with samples of standard memory foam, gel and Comfort Solutions’ iFusion foam.