COCO-MAT Delivers Inventive All-Natural Sleep Products

Boasting a true passion for sustainability, COCO-MAT is a leading manufacturer of innovative, all-natural sleep products. Established in Athens, Greece in 1989, the company was built on the premise of making beds and mattresses from natural materials through sustainable methods. All of its products are handcrafted in its factory in Northern Greece, which has a virtually neutral carbon footprint. It is there that experienced craftsmen build the company’s mattresses, following traditional carpentry methods. Offering a wide range of unique sleep products, COCO-MAT’s portfolio delivers exceptional quality and durability. Using all-natural, locally-sourced and sustainable raw materials, the company brings together each material’s unique and inherent qualities to create an unparalleled sleep experience.

COCO-Mat Mattress 2It was through this innovative approach to sleep that the company developed the Ergo-Base System: a natural alternative to springs and memory foam. This unique support system was designed to absorb all pressure, shock and friction, redistributing weight equally across the bed for a ‘bottomless’ experience.

The company’s most exclusive sleep system is the Triton. Masterfully handcrafted with attention to detail, the Triton sleep system includes a base, mattress and topper in one stylish ensemble. Built up in multiple layers, this unique system is made from the company’s signature combination of natural materials, including seaweed, cactus fiber and horsehair to regulate humidity. More firm layers provide bodyweight support, while more elastic ones follow the body’s shape, gently hugging every curve. The horsehair and cactus regulate humidity, while seaweed and eucalyptus leaves are sprinkled between layers, emitting iodine and a refreshing scent to soothe the respiratory system. Available in four different colors, the plush cover is padded with cotton for added softness and stands out thanks to its smooth touch and chic style. The Triton Sleep System is finished with a stylish solid oak wood frame, adding a subtle element of luxury.