Classic Brands Showcases Infinity Sleep Collection

Classic Brands is showcasing its Infinity Sleep collection at the summer Las Vegas Market. Designed to seamlessly complement each other, the Hybrid Infinity, Infinity Modern and Infinity Encore offer brick-and-mortar retailers and ecommerce platforms a complete collection of products that address key consumer needs, boost sales and enhance advertising efficiencies. 

“In our industry, keeping up with the demands of retailers, ecommerce platforms and consumers is a never-ending mission, one that requires brands to constantly innovate and evolve to better-address the needs of the market,” said Scott Burger, CEO of Classic Brands. “At Classic Brands, part of our commitment to excellence is to live by this mission every day and introduce products and programs that truly answer the call of our partners and customers at every level. Our Infinity Sleep collection represents the latest results of this commitment, and we are excited to share these innovations with the industry in Vegas this summer.” 

Mattress_Classic Brands 1

The Hybrid Infinity

The first part of the Infinity Sleep collection is the Hybrid Infinity. Developed in collaboration with Sit ‘n Sleep, a leading mattress retailer based in Los Angeles, these mattresses range from eight-inch to 15-inch profiles. All of the mattresses are packaged in Classic Brands’ signature bags for easy delivery or cash-and-carry by consumers. They also come with a guaranteed 365-night in-home trial, free shipping and exchanges. 

The Hybrid Infinity is a turnkey, omnichannel bedding program—offering six specialty hybrid mattresses alongside a dedicated website, ecommerce platform, TV commercials and robust social media program that includes thousands of glowing customer reviews. This offering has been especially critical for retailers and ecommerce platforms over the last eighteen months against the backdrop of the global pandemic and corresponding changes in consumer behavior. 

The Infinity Modern & Infinity Encore

Mattress_Classic Brands 3In addition to the Infinity Hybrid, Classic Brands is also showcasing the Infinity Modern furniture collection, which consists of over 100 products including metal, wood and upholstered platforms and bedframes with an adjustable base. The featured Post and Beam line includes a solid pine wood frame platform bed alongside a solid birch wood nightstand, dressers and a hutch with thoughtfully placed USB ports. The collection’s upholstered beds have also been specially constructed to sit inside or atop slats, giving the consumer added flexibility when it comes to their preferred height settings. 

Complementing the Infinity Modern collection is Classic’s Infinity Encore, a five-bed memory foam collection offering superior MDI memory foams, ice-cold specialty covers and sharp modern design aesthetics. 

“As the United States continues to reopen and recover following the heights of the pandemic, the need for end-to-end solutions that enhance capabilities for retailers and ecommerce platforms has never been greater,” said Vivian Weng, chief commercial officer at Classic Brands. “COVID-19 changed consumer sales in many ways—from shopping to delivery. We have been following these trends closely, and since the early days of the pandemic, have worked hard to bring our partners and customers products that address the ever-changing priorities of consumers. For example, our groundbreaking Hybrid Infinity Collection brings together superior products alongside plug-and-play digital assets, comprehensive marketing insights, co-op advertising, and direct-to-consumer drop-shipping capabilities. This offering is unlike anything else in the marketplace and ensures a comprehensive end-to-end solution that is convenient, efficient and cost-effective.”