Classic Brands’ Reticulated Memory Foam Line Maximizes Cooling

Classic Brands will introduce its unique REVO Collection this month at the Winter Las Vegas Market. The new collection uses reticulated memory foam to achieve maximum airflow and a body-contouring wave shape for added comfort. The foam, while touting all the benefits of traditional memory foam, uses a unique reticulation process in which the cell structures are completely open, allowing air to flow freely and offering a greater cooling effect than any other material available today.

The collection will include nine-, 10- and 12- inch models. The 10- and 12-inch SKUs feature the company’s new wave design concept created to conform to the body while allowing for maximum airflow capacity. The layers also feature unique ridges on the surface for heightened breathability throughout the foam. Each model has a knit cover with a cooling spacer fabric, keeping the body at an optimal temperature on the surface of the mattress, while using varying layers of high-density memory foam, ventilated gel foam and the reticulated memory foam.

“Temperature regulation has come to the forefront of the industry with the popularity of gel and other cooling materials. We decided it wasn’t enough to just add these components to our products but to take a step further and use a reticulation process to open up the cell structure in the foam completely. Now in addition to the new cooling features, the amount of airflow and breathability has been maximized to provide the coolest—and most comfortable—night’s sleep,” said Classic Brands Chief Executive Officer Mike Zippelli. “Another innovation we created for this collection is the body-enveloping wave design of the layers in the 10- and 12-inch models. The natural wave shape places the sleeper in a more natural position, offering support to key pressure points on the body and eliminating tossing and turning when lying on the bed. We are confident that the advanced temperature regulating technology combined with the innovative wave design will help close the deal at point-of-sale.”

The REVO Collection’s nine-inch model includes two-inches of reticulated memory foam and seven-inches of two-pound high density base foam. The 10-inch model uses three-inches of reticulated memory foam and seven-inches of reticulated high density base foam in the new wave design. The top model features three inches of reticulated memory foam, two inches of ventilated gel-infused memory foam and seven inches of reticulated high density base foam and uses the wave design. The 10 and 12-inch models also use ridged memory layers for adding breathability. The suggested retail price in queen is $999–$1499.