Classic Brands Replaces Cardboard Boxed Beds With Reusable Bagged Beds

Specialty bedding producer Classic Brands recently introduced a new innovation in mattress packaging – a reusable duffel in which the mattress is shipped, instead of a cardboard box. The duffel is lighter than cardboard packaging, is easier to ship, easier to handle, and can be reused by the consumer.

“This innovative delivery method is a win-win for the retailer and the consumer,” said Michael Zippelli, president and CEO of Classic Brands. “It takes roll-packed bedding to the next level by reducing transport costs, and offering more environmentally-friendly reusable packaging.”

The mattress duffels are made of tear-resistant nylon and feature a drawstring closure at the top. Once the product is in the home, the consumer simply pulls the mattress out of the duffel and unrolls it – the same unpacking procedure used for boxed bedding. The difference is that there’s no cardboard to dispose of once the mattress has regained its original shape.

Initially, the new packaging is available for Classic Brands’ new Chic Couture Collection, a three-model hybrid bedding line that was introduced at the Las Vegas Market. However, Zippelli said the option will be expanded to include other Classic collections.

“It was very well received at the Las Vegas show,” he said. “The pricing is the same as our boxed product, and savvy retailers recognize that it’s simply another delivery method that may give them an edge in a very competitive bedding marketplace.”


About Classic Brands: Classic Brands uses the finest materials from around the world including all-natural and high-performance covers, Talalay and Dunlop latex, memory foam, gel-infused memory foam, innerspring and wrapped coil hybrid. Classic’s line of gel-memory foam and hybrid mattresses, with various luxurious constructions, represents the fastest growing segment of the bedding market. Classic Brands is committed to being on the cutting edge of designing and producing innovative products for people to sleep healthier. Its sleep systems are designed to help you get the maximum benefit out of each night of sleep.