Carolina Mattress Guild Introduces “Cool Flex” Collection

Cool Flex by Carolina Mattress GuildCarolina Mattress Guild will be introducing the all new “Cool Flex” collection of mattress sets at the Summer Las Vegas Furniture Market. Cool Flex touts breathability, cooling comfort, and eco-friendly luxury as primary selling points.

The all-foam three bed program features natural latex, poured Cool Breeze Gel, and a contemporary fabric design utilizing AirVent fabric technology. AirVent fabric boasts 100% better ventilation than double knits of the same weight and employs visible air-grids to act as a silent salesman for the feature on the retail floor.

Dubbed “the Next Generation of Natural Latex Mattresses,” Cool Flex models include The.Plush , Luxury.Plush and Ultra.Plush.

Created as a response to retailer requests for an updated, softer latex bed, Cool Flex will take the place of the original Flex line within Carolina Mattress Guild’s offerings, replacing the older models with good-better-best plush feels and a fresh new marketing initiative themed around a modern city loft.

Like other Carolina Mattress Guild lines, Cool Flex is made from 100% American-sourced materials and is completely manufactured and assembled in the United States.

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About Carolina Mattress Guild: Founded in 1991 by Neal and Kathy Grigg, Carolina Mattress Guild is a family owned and operated business, offering innovative, eco-friendly, American-made bedding, produced using a combination of hand detailed artisan craftsmanship and highly advanced production equipment. Carolina Mattress Guild is a proud member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and has two factory locations in Thomasville, NC and Orlando, FL.