Brooklyn Bedding Launches New Firm Hybrid

Brooklyn Bedding recently announced the evolution of one of its top niche sleep solutions, the Plank mattress with the launch of the Plank Hybrid. Designed for those who say the typical firm is never firm enough, the all new Plank Hybrid offers the same incredibly firm sleep experience of the original Plank in a flippable mattress, coupled with the added luxury of premium foam layers and individually encased coils. The result is a firm, flat, healthy way to sleep—with markedly improved comfort for those in the market for that kind of paradox.

"The idea of sleeping on a mattress that's nearly as firm as the floor definitely appeals to a niche audience," said John Merwin, Owner and Chief Executive Officer at Brooklyn Bedding. "It turns out, though, there are actually niches within this niche category: there are sleepers who want the extreme firmness of the original Plank, but with more reactivity and, specifically, more pressure point relief—and there are sleepers who appreciate an excessively firm mattress but their partners do not. By engineering the Plank Hybrid with a core of individually encased coils and modifying support layers, we were able to maintain the firmness these sleepers loved in the Plank while simultaneously improving the overall sleep experience."

Why extra firm?

Personal preference, sleep position and health considerations are all key factors for sleepers looking for an extra-firm mattress. Firm mattresses are engineered to help reduce pressure on the circulatory system and encourage sleepers to inhale more oxygen as they snooze—considerations that can be extremely important to back sleepers. For others, sleeping on a flatter, firmer surface simply creates a neutral spine position that is better for the back and posture overall. Culture can also play a key role: the design of both the Plank and Plank Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding was inspired by the minimalist approach to sleep in the Far East. To better accommodate all considerations, Brooklyn Bedding created a dual comfort design: the top side of the mattress is ultra-firm, while the bottom side more closely resembles a traditional firm, allowing sleepers to choose the best option.


The variable firmness levels of each side in the new Plank Hybrid can be attributed to the loft of each quilted top and the number and types of foam layers. The ultra-firm side consists of a .75" quilted top layer with continuous stitching, paired solely with a 2" high-density support layer. The traditional firm side features a 1.5" quilted top layer with tack-and-jump stitching, paired with a 1" TitanFlex comfort layer and a 2" high-density support layer. Regardless of the side chosen, sleepers benefit from a 6" core of individually encased TitanCaliber coils, delivering greater responsiveness and pressure point relief.

Both the Plank and Plank Hybrid offer an optional top cooling panel that can be sewn into the surface of the mattress to moderate temperature and deliver ultimate cooling on contact. The Plank Hybrid by Brooklyn Bedding retails exclusively online between $699 for a twin without the cooling option to $1499 for a California King with the cooling panel included. Like all Brooklyn Bedding mattresses, the Plank Hybrid collection comes with a free 120-night comfort trial and a 10-year warranty. The company also offers free nationwide shipping with bed-in-a-box delivery.



Brooklyn Bedding is an American made manufacturer of mattresses, differentiated by master craftsmanship, a wholly owned state-of-the art manufacturing facility and exceptional customer service. Family owned since 1995, the company originated with two brothers delivering mattresses direct to customers' homes. Known as the "mobile mattress guys," John and Rob Merwin evolved their business by learning every aspect of the mattress making process. They tenaciously used every material in their inventory to pass savings on to customers, purchasing high grade manufacturing equipment and pioneering bed-in-a-box online delivery in 2008.

Today, the company owns world class expertise in mattress engineering, achieved through meticulous attention to detail, cutting edge equipment and patented materials created with advanced technology. Brooklyn Bedding designs and creates its entire line of high quality bedding, on demand, in its manufacturing facility in Phoenix. In 2021, the company officially broke ground for a new manufacturing facility in Glendale, Arizona, designed to triple production capacity. Remaining true to its roots, Brooklyn Bedding still goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, offering its expertly crafted mattresses, sheets and pillows at an affordable price with free online shipping, a generous 120-day trial period, and a 10-year hassle free warranty period on mattresses.