Boyd to Make Sweeping Las Vegas Presentation With a Host of New Products

From new latex- and air-based mattress collections under the highly recognized Thomasville brand to an extensive selection of new metal and upholstered beds, Boyd Specialty Sleep is coming to Las Vegas armed with one of its largest market presentations ever.

“The Thomasville brand has been selling extremely well for us because it really resonates with consumers,” explained company president Dennis Boyd. “Consumers want Thomasville goods and they expect a very premium product experience.”

Boyd’s new high-end Thomasville latex collections include Natural Flex Premier and Natural Flex Elite beds expected to retail from $1,199 to $3,349 in queen.

The Elite series includes a gel-infused latex layer atop an engineered latex core that features firm edge support. The specialty beds combine a cream-color stretch knit cover with a high-sheen gray velour fabric on the side panels for a dramatic effect in-store.

The three-model Thomasville Natural Flex Premier line uses varying heights of Talalay latex layers on top of Dunlop latex cores. The collection's knit cover incorporates cashmere and features a silver inlay design.

Boyd is also adding a new model to its Thomasville Momentum collection, first presented last January. The bed uses both gel-infused latex and Gel Fusion, which involves a solid gel layer in the center third of the mattress top. The additional Momentum model is set to retail at $1,799 in queen.

Also under the Thomasville brand, the producer will be introducing three premium temporary air beds with inset pumps and hand controls at retails from $169 to $229 (Q). All of the air beds are UPS-able, including another air model—the Thomasville Dura Lux Express bed—which has a built-in headboard to prevent pillow fall-off. The Dura Lux bed is expected to retail at $219.

Yet another Thomasville presentation is the new Adjusta Flex 8000 electric bed base. At a $1,799 retail (Q), Boyd’s new wall-hugging base delivers five comfort positions, a number of massage functions, a Blue Tooth system with two inset speakers, a flashlight feature and under-bed light, plus other high tech capabilities. Operated with a simple hand control and available in twin XL as well as queen, “the Thomasville Adjusta Flex 8000 provides more features than we’ve ever offered in a single electric adjustable bed,” Boyd said.

The company also plans to introduce a new Thomasville Siesta gel memory foam roll-up bed for temporary guests. Offered in twin and full sizes only, the bed has a knit cover and comes with its own carry bag ($199 retail in full).

Finally, Boyd will present six new foldaway beds—two each under the Thomasville, Broyhill and Lane brands. Each occasional bed uses gel-infused poly foam or gel memory foam under a knit cover. The beds’ metal frames come in a variety of contemporary finishes like rose-gold and distressed pewter. The new foldaway models are available as singles (26-inch width) or twins (31 inches) with retails from $99 to $169 for either size.

A significant part of Boyd Specialty Sleep’s Las Vegas presentation is also devoted to an extensive selection of new decorative metal and upholstered beds.

“We’re developing many more of these platform beds because the Millennial and GenX generations are not purchasing matching bedroom sets in the traditional sense,” Boyd noted. “They’re buying bed bases and as a result, they’re becoming more eclectic in the other purchases they make for their bedrooms. These consumer groups like the fact that platforms are simple to assemble, compact and mobile—which suits their lifestyles—as well as stylish and affordable.”

According to Boyd, the company will show seven new metal beds in a variety of styles, finishes and combined finishes from $199 to $329 in queen.

On the upholstered side, Boyd plans to present four new designs featuring tufted linen and sewn black or white leather looks from $499 to $649 in queen. The linen models are intended more for traditional master bedrooms while the leather-like platforms have modern leanings. One of the beds—the Genesis—features three storage compartments inside the headboard.

All of Boyd’s sleep products—from specialty mattresses and air designs to occasional beds and electric adjustables—are all UPS-shippable.

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About Boyd Specialty Sleep: Boyd Specialty Sleep dedicates itself to quality, innovation and excellence in a range of highly diversified specialty sleep products. The company has earned more than 30 patents for its innovations and is strategically focused on the health and safety of consumers and on the environmental impact of its products and processes.