Boyd Specialty Sleep Updates its Natural Flex® Ultra Collection

Boyd Specialty Sleep has launched an updated Natural Flex® Ultra collection with increased air circulation, added surface plushness and modern new fabrics and exterior treatments.  The new line can be seen in the company's showroom at the upcoming Las Vegas Furniture Market.

The company’s high-end latex line, which retails from $1,499 to $2,999, in queen, has been enhanced with additional channel vents in multiple sections to increase surface comfort while improving the graduated support characteristics of each model.

“Increasing the number and locations of these vents also promotes better air flow and breathability,” Boyd explained.

Along with a new fiber layer that reduces surface tension and enhances comfort, the 2012 Natural Flex Ultra line features a non-quilted, natural cotton-based knit. This soft, cream-colored surface knit is paired with a solid, suede-like grey knit that rises from the base of the mattress. The two fabrics join to form a graceful, elongated “S” pattern on the borders. A tape edge separates the fabrics and enhances the beds’ distinctive design.

The updated Natural Flex Ultra collection coordinates well with Boyd’s newly introduced retail point-of-sale program for the luxury line. The lighted headboard display in a soft blue creates an attractive, spa-like setting for the product.

Natural Flex Ultra beds incorporate premium Talalay latex cores of up to nine inches and feature the company’s exclusive tri-zoned and Channel Venting™ foam layers. The top mattress layer is made of premium Radium Talalay latex from Europe.

“Every foam layer in this line is positioned specifically to deliver progressive firmness,” Boyd said. “The layers are also ‘pre-crushed’ prior to zone-cutting to deliver more uniform and durable support. Furthermore, the added channel vents improve the beds’ ability to bend and articulate on an adjustable base,” Boyd added.

The updated Natural Flex Ultra line, a recent Editors' Pick, is sold to select accounts and is UPS-shippable for use on a variety of platform frames, stationery or power bases.

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About Boyd Specialty Sleep:
 Founder Denny Boyd and Boyd Specialty Sleep began over 33 years ago in the Waterbed industry developing knowledge and expertise in adjustable sleep surfaces that continues to inspire and inform product development across the broad spectrum of Specialty Sleep products today. Boyd Specialty Sleep is headquartered in a 70,000 sq. ft building in St. Louis, Missouri with products produced at our factories in China and a 320,000 sq. ft plant in Fontana, California.