Boyd Specialty Sleep Unveils Broyhill-Branded Sleep Innovations

At the Las Vegas Market, Boyd Specialty Sleep presented a host of innovative sleep solutions, including the Broyhill Cube and Broyhill 02 mattress collections and new bedding accessories.

Describing the collection as a simple yet sophisticated approach to individualized sleeping comfort and support, company president Denny Boyd said the new, three-model Broyhill Cube series offers consumers “innovation without complication.”

Each of the beds contains 12 to 18 separate cubes or chambers, placed in a high-density foam perimeter “tray” design. Each of the chambers has two sides, with each side using a different material to deliver a unique level of comfort and support. The top and bottom of each chamber is color-coded with a nylon tricot fabric (blue/softer or cream/firmer) to help consumers easily distinguish the feel of each side.

Along with flipping the chambers, sleepers also can rearrange their location from head to toe on their side of the bed to achieve their preferred feel. Side sleepers, for example, can position the softer sides of several chambers at their shoulders and concentrate the firmer sides of other chambers at the small of their backs.

“Virtually no two people have the same sense of ‘ideal comfort and support,’” Boyd noted. “We wanted to offer a solution that would address almost any personal sleeping preference in a simple and logical way, without machinery or electronics. What consumers want today is complete customization of their sleep side, and we believe the Broyhill Cube delivers that regardless of what peoples’ preferences are.”

Boyd is introducing the Broyhill Cube concept in three models. The introductory bed features chambers made of gel visco foam on one side and engineered latex on the other. The middle bed offers gel visco foam and gel latex on opposite sides. Each chamber is encased with frictionless nylon tricot fabric, enabling consumers to easily arrange and rearrange the cubes on their sides. The top model in the new line takes the concept of individualized comfort and support to an even higher level with chambers that offer both foam and air customization.

At the high end, the Broyhill Cube bed features chambers made of high-density, engineered latex foam on one side, and plush gel memory foam on the other. The chambers are encased in a re-sealable enclosure that features PVC vinyl on the interior and a nylon material on the exterior. Each chamber also has an air valve that, when left open, “breathes” air in and pumps it out, providing the sleeper with a unique floating sensation. Each Broyhill Cube model features a stretch knit cover that’s quilted to poly fiber in a design pattern suggestive of the bed’s internal chambered design.

Boyd also introduced a new specialty line for the 45 and under demographic called Broyhill 02, as well as a Broyhill-branded wedge-shaped pillow expected to retail at $49.99.

The three-model Broyhill 02 series is made from layers of a resilient and flexible high-density engineered latex, infused with gel. The beds have a venting layer on the side and use a Lyocel material on the bottom side for strength and durability.

The affordably priced line—expected to retail in queen from $599 to $999—also features Celiant fiber technology in the stretch knit covers. Celiant uses a person’s own body heat to activate oxygenation and to boost blood flow and circulation.

Also under the highly recognized Broyhill name, Boyd is presenting an innovative new wedge pillow made of gel memory foam on the top and high-density poly support foam on the bottom. The new pillow design is two feet wide, two feet deep and 10 inches tall. Covered in a stretch knit, the fabric can be unzipped to enable the user to remove yet another three-inch, high-density foam wedge located inside the pillow.

Adding to the company’s already extensive collection of platform designs, Boyd plans to introduce two new, UPS-able metal beds, both set to retail at $249 in queen-size. Styled in Mission and Modern treatments, the beds are made of black steel and “feature the clean, sophisticated looks that will blend well in virtually any décor,” Boyd said.

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About Boyd Specialty Sleep: Boyd Specialty Sleep dedicates itself to quality, innovation and excellence in a range of highly diversified specialty sleep products. The company has earned more than 30 patents for its innovations and is strategically focused on the health and safety of consumers and on the environmental impact of its products and processes.