Boyd Specialty Sleep Debuts New Broyhill Collections

Boyd Specialty Sleep is unveiling a series of highly innovative sleep products under the licensed Broyhill brand, including two new bed lines and an adjustable wedge pillow.

The new, three-model Broyhill Cube line provides increased flexibility and a multitude of customization opportunities in a single mattress. Each bed contains 18 separate cubes or chambers (nine on each side). Each individual cube is two-sided, with each side offering the sleeper a different comfort/support feel using different materials. Sleepers also can rearrange the order of the cubes from head to toe on their side of the bed to achieve their ideal feel. The quilted mattress cover unzips easily to allow for customization.

The top Broyhill Cube model features chambers of both foam and air. Each chamber has an air valve that, when open, “breathes” air in and out to provide the sleeper with a unique floating sensation. The new product concept uses a patented Boyd design and promises “innovation without complication.”

This unique collection will be on display at the Summer Las Vegas Market, alongside the new, three-model Broyhill O2 line. Affordably priced and aimed at consumers 45 and under, this collection uses resilient, gel-infused engineered latex and features Celiant fibers to activate oxygenation and increase blood flow.

Boyd will round out their product portfolio with new bedding accessories, including the Broyhill adjustable wedge pillow. Set to retail at $49.99, this new pillow is made of gel memory foam and high density poly foam. A smaller foam wedge inside the poly foam enables the user to comfortably sit up to read or watch TV, or to remove the inner wedge for sleep.