Boyd Offers New Air and Gel-Based Mattresses

Boyd Specialty Sleep is bringing to High Point a variety of new sleep products including air- and gel-based mattresses, plus major upgrades in its patented Sleep Metrics program. The company also will show several new ultra-premium Drexel Heritage-branded specialty beds.

“Our objectives are to offer retailers product excitement and choice, and to demonstrate how the mattress selection and sales process can be greatly enhanced for both retail salespeople and consumers,” noted president Denny Boyd.

Leading Boyd’s market introductions are four new beds that have been added to the company’s Night Air mattress collection. Each bed is available in a two- or six-chamber design that includes an air pump and hand control. Altogether, retailers now have eight different Night Air bed designs to select from, ranging from $1,599 to $2,999 depending on the chamber. Available on a power base or matching wood build-up, the new beds use varying layers of resilient, tri-zoned poly foams, visco and gel-visco foams, and gel foam/latex combinations. “For the same price, retailers can decide to have the beds shipped fully assembled and inflated, or unassembled for immediate warehousing,” Boyd added.

The company will also present a streamlined and re-designed Gel Rest mattress line which includes two new models at $799 and $999. The 10- and 12-inch beds incorporate gel-visco foams, high-resilience poly foams and other visco foams. Both beds use Boyd’s patented Foam Spring Support system and feature channel venting for air circulation and heat dissipation. “These new models have slightly firmer feels,” Boyd noted, “but still provide the same body contouring and comfort at the surface.”

Following last year’s mattress introductions under the iconic Broyhill and Thomasville brands, Boyd is now presenting three new higher end mattresses under the Drexel Heritage name.

Retailing for $1,999, $2,499 and $2,999, the 12-,13- and 14-inch mattresses feature various combinations and densities of gel-visco and visco foams, Dunlop latex and premium poly foams. Each model uses Boyd’s Foam Spring Support system for durability while the top bed also features channel venting in the uppermost layer to promote air flow. The collection can be paired with two new Boyd adjustable power bases: one is wireless and offers massage and multiple settings with memory control, the other is wire-controlled and offers head and foot motion.

During the spring market, Boyd also will be demonstrating significant upgrades in its patented Sleep Metrics mattress selection program. The program now includes new software that allows for more probing consumer questions and can recommend complementary sleep products like an adjustable power base or mattress components like phase-change materials. The software upgrade also offers new graphics that enhance the content and increase user efficiency.

The updated program operates on Android-based touchscreen tablets. Even the four “selection mattresses”—used during the in-store comfort test and confirmation process—have been updated with new stretch knit covers and foam components.

“As we did in Las Vegas,” Boyd said, “we’re looking forward to demonstrating these advancements in the Sleep Metrics system, which makes the in-store selection process so much easier.”