Boyd Drives Consumers To Retail With Exclusive New Izone Technology

Touted as its most forward-looking bedding technology ever, Boyd Specialty Sleep is presenting the new hybrid izone series at the summer Las Vegas Market. In development since 2013, the new collection had an “extremely successful” test market at 15 ‘The Bedroom Store’ locations leading up to market.

After nearly two years of test marketing both online and in brick and mortar outlets, “we now know that izone beds not only capture shoppers who want to customize their sleep, they also give consumers a compelling reason to visit retailers that carry them,” said company president Dennis Boyd. “In fact, most people in our market studies said they wouldn’t buy an izone product online. They wanted to see it and feel it. Seventy percent were converted in-store. Izone has proven itself to be an experiential product that creates fans, not just customers. In the 100-plus reviews we’ve gotten at, many fans told us that this bed has changed their lives.”

The izone hybrid line combines air, water and memory foam to create a bed that can be customized on each side to each person’s height, weight and sleep position—without the use of electronics, pumps or chemicals.

“We like to speak of izone beds as an ‘innovation without complication,’” explained co-developer Carla Williams. “First, we ask shoppers to ‘Sync into Bed’ by taking a simple quiz at Each person’s result then calculates the correct settings for the seven oval channels or calibrators located inside the mattress on each side. When the calibrators are filled with tap water to the indicated settings, they conform to the body from head to toe.”

The water-filled calibrators are housed in a thick layer of buoyant, anti-microbial, open-cell foam, which is T-vented above each calibrator. The vents create a “bellow” effect that circulates air and releases excess heat, causing the foam to move freely over the calibrators and contour to body movement.

“Izone beds offer contouring support in every sleep position,” Williams continued, “which also means your bed can be changed if your body changes.”

A top layer of free-floating, anti-microbial memory foam—encased in a zippered, washable cover—allows for additional body contouring and surface plushness. Izone models also feature a proprietary barrier that’s impenetrable by bed bugs or dust mites. Even the beds’ internal covers are antimicrobial and washable.

“The calibrators absorb pressure rather than compressing like foam or springs,” Boyd explained, “while each bed is supported by a high-density foam base to maximize life. The overall sensation of sleeping on an izone bed is truly one of feeling ‘in sync with your mattress. That’s why so many customers say the product has changed their lives.”

Also new for the Las Vegas market is a “one size fits all” izone pillow expected to retail for $99. The no-flip pillow has three sleeping zones and combines gel memory foam, gel fiber and two contouring, gel-filled oval channels located at either end.

“The pillow has a higher, raised end for taller side sleepers,” Williams said. “The lower, shorter end provides ideal support for back sleepers or smaller side sleepers. The plush gel fiber in the middle portion bears the weight of your head. This sloping design ensures that, regardless of your size or sleep position, the izone pillow will fill the gap between your head, neck and the mattress, keeping you properly aligned.”

Further enhancing the comfort, the izone pillow also delivers additional cooling capabilities for consumers seeking that “cold side of the pillow” throughout the night. Along with the gel fiber inside, the unique pillow has breathable 3D mesh on the bottom that promotes air circulation. The gel tubes can be removed and refrigerated to provide prolonged cooling.

The four-bed izone mattress collection, which offers a new cool-to-the-touch Ice Fiber fabric in the top model, is expected to retail from $2,499 to $ 3,499 at margins of 65 percent, with additional co-op funds. Izone beds are compatible with any foundation, platform or adjustable base–with retail data showing an adjustable base attachment rate of more than 75 percent. Each mattress carries a 10-year limited warranty and are designed to maintain their comfort and support over time. Additionally, the set-up is easy and the bed can be UPS-shipped.

“We believe today’s dealers need exciting and viable sleep technologies that consumers want to experience before purchase,” Boyd explained. “If the product is compelling, shoppers will be induced to try it in-store. If the product can ship in a box, then that store can be even more competitive with today’s online-only sales sites which can’t make the ‘try before you buy’ offer.”

Izone beds purchased from or by phone come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. During the test market, The Bedroom Store not only offered free delivery to the customer’s home within the local metro area, but also provided an add-on service not available through to pre-fill the customer’s calibrators and ship them along with the product for $99—an additional margin opportunity for retail stores.

“Consumers can try out their new beds for up to 90 days,” Boyd explained. “If they’re still unhappy, they can exchange the mattress for another model or return it for a full refund. And pays the return shipping costs. That’s truly risk-free shopping.”

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