Blue Ocean Sleep Introduces the Activcor Advanced Comfort System

Blue Ocean Sleep introduced The Activcor Advanced Comfort System, an innovative foam mattress using techniques seen in the construction of athletic shoes and luxury automobiles.  Blue Ocean developed the new bedding technology inspired by the enhanced cushioning systems and foam chemistry used by worldwide leading shoe and automotive manufacturers.

“Our innovative design, taking something old and making it new again, really speaks to the advanced technology of popular athletic shoes along with the core chemistry which is consistent with the dynamic foam performance found in the seat cushions of the most prestigious German luxury and sports car brands,” said Vice President of Blue Ocean Sleep, Mike Malkiewicz. “We understood the impact that a chemical supplier can have on the creation of comfort and support in our mattresses.”

Blue Ocean Sleep and Breckle Matrazan, its German partner, spent 18 months developing Activcor. With foam construction incredibly popular in the European market, Activcor was first marketed under the brand name of La Pur throughout Europe.

“Our strategy was to release Activcor in Europe first, knowing that Europeans generally favor foam mattresses over spring,” said Malkiewicz. “After seeing our marketing message resonate with consumers and successfully competing with all other foam products throughout Europe, we knew we had developed the perfect product for the U.S. market.”

Activcor is German engineered, but has a design that is patent pending here in the states. It has a solid-state, molded foam construction with the same performance characteristics as a foam encased pocket spring system. Foam columns, which act like pocket springs, are engineered to absorb motion and to provide defined body support.

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About Blue Ocean Sleep: Blue Ocean Sleep pairs American luxury design with reliable German engineering. Brothers Mike and Jim Malkiewicz founded the company in 2010, after spending more than 30 years in the bedding industry running Wickline Bedding. At Wickline, the Malkiewicz brothers developed the first no turn mattress in the United States, influencing mattress designs worldwide. Blue Ocean Sleep works in cooperation with a leading bedding manufacturer in Germany, Breckle Matrazen, which is now celebrating its 75th anniversary.

About Breckle Matratzen: Known for its value and superior service, Breckle Matratzen is one of Germany’s largest producers of mattresses and European style boxspring support systems. Founded in 1933 near the city of Stuttgart by Emil Breckle, the company has remained in family hands ever since. Today, Emil’s son Siegfried Breckle runs the award winning company with help from his two sons Michael and Andreas and their cousin, Gert. Breckle employs 1,400 people and produces up to 10,000 pieces a day at its four factories. The company also has its own foam pouring facility. Breckle is the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious “Stiftung Warrentest,” Germany’s highest honor in the industry. Breckle is now embarking on an “American adventure,” bringing its technology to the U.S market through a partnership with bedding innovators, Blue Ocean Sleep.