Blu Sleep Products Offers Breathable Comfort With New AirTex Technology And LOFT Mattresses

Looking at the leading trends, features and benefits in the marketplace, Blu Sleep Products will showcase major product innovations at the Winter Las Vegas Market. First, the company is making the formal unveiling of its AirTex Technology, a unique textile that is featured in the company’s new AirTex dual action cover. Additionally, the company will introduce a new formulation of the NUBIA mattress called the LOFT. The NUBIA and the LOFT are uniquely designed with zoned “Air Pods,” which eliminate pressure points and motion transfer to offer “the right fit for the person and the right fit for an adjustable base.”

“The one sure way for our retail customers to grow is to create and market uniquely designed, high-quality products that address the real needs, wants and desires of the mattress and bedding consumer,” said Blu Sleep President Alex Ciccolella.

The introduction of the AirTex dual-action cover follows a positive retailer response to test-models of the new breathable textiles at the summer market. Made from the soft three-dimensional AirTex fabric, the new cover maximizes airflow to offer unsurpassed breathability and cushioning top comfort. The covers worked exceptionally well with Blu Sleep’s uniquely formulated Italian foams, allowing air to flow through the breathable material for added value and enhanced performance.

The innovative NUBIA and LOFT mattresses are designed to address two fundamental issues in the mattress marketplace today, offering “the right fit” for not only the sleeper’s body but for an adjustable base as well. For years, mattress manufacturers have been seeking to successfully solve ergonomic, support, pressure-point and comfort issues. Blu Sleep has answered this by offering individually-zoned “Air Pods,” which adapt to the contours of the body, thereby eliminating both pressure points and motion transfer. For added comfort, the design includes a luxuriously pressure-relieving top layer of high-density, water-expanded memory foam. Additionally, the mattresses are formulated to work with the adjustable bed bases. By creating a mattress that fits both the sleeper and the base, Blu Sleep has actually created a three-in-one solution by offering a product that is the right fit for the retailer as well.

In addition to the introduction of the new AirTex Technology and LOFT mattress, Blu Sleep will also spotlight its full product portfolio at market. Over the past decade, the company has built a strong reputation for itself with its diverse collection of European engineered Italian foam pillows and mattresses. Available in brightly colored aesthetics, all of Blu Sleep’s products are made from distinct materials and essential oils that offer optimum airflow, enhanced comfort levels and quick responsiveness. With these advanced qualities, Blu Sleep is providing retailers superior products at affordable prices—and supporting them with eye-catching marketing programs to ensure excellent profit margins for retailers.