Blu Sleep Products Expands Its Sleep Products and Service

By Gretchen Kast and Christopher Schriever

Blu SleepWith a long history of technological innovation in the foam specialty bedding industry, Blu Sleep has evolved to emerge as a groundbreaking designer and marketer of breathable memory foam, latex and foamed gel pillows, toppers and, now, mattresses. The Canadian company differentiates itself with its unique material blends, creative use of color, texture and feels.

Over the years Blu Sleep has created a signature collection that uses both natural and synthetic materials, to create line-up that has attracted the attention of consumers and retailers alike.

Focusing on developing “true products” that offer the latest in comfort, support and health, Blu Sleep has perfected a scientifically unique formulation to manufacture truly innovative bedding accessories. The company uses a high-density, open-cell foam structure to provide unsurpassed ventilation and support, with an elasticity that really set their pillow and topper products apart. “Our pillows adapt to you,” company co-president Alex Ciccolella explains. “You don’t have to adapt to the pillow.”

Blu Sleep will add eight new pillows to its already diverse pillow collection at the Winter Las Vegas Market. Four of the new pillows are wool-based and four are fiber based. Blu Sleep chose to make a wool line because wool offers a natural breathable, fiber product that resists dust mites, helps to wick moisture and regulate body temperature. The wool line-up includes four distinct pillows—all with wool—but each with a different feel. The first wool-based pillow is made solely with wool, while the second adds latex to the mix. The third features both wool and the company’s “nature series” memory foam. The final pillow in the wool collection combines wool and foamed gel.

The remaining four of the eight new pillows are fiber-based. The first of the line is an all-fiber pillow. The second includes fiber with latex, while the third is made with fiber with the “nature series” memory foam. And, the final fiber-based pillow combines fiber and foamed gel. This collection of four fiber pillows has an incredibly soft feel, and when combined with latex, foamed gel and memory foam, also offers outstanding comfort and support.

With steady growth and little to no returns with the company’s pillow and topper product sales, Blu Sleep is embarking on strategic expansion in the US and Canada. The expansion plan includes increased marketing and sales efforts along with the introduction of the company’s first mattress collection. Steady increases in distribution are expected to continue as Blu Sleep unveils its expanded program.

Blu Sleep Somni SpecialtyAs part of its program expansion, Blu Sleep will introduce Somni Specialty Sleep, the company’s first mattress line. “We used the same unique, distinctive, designs, components and materials to create our new mattress and pillow collection that have been our hallmark for our successful foam, latex and foamed gel pillows and toppers,” Alex explains. “The same care, design, performance and color details we have put into our existing lines will also be used in our new product collections.”

The new Somni Specialty Sleep collection features six mattresses named the Romantic, Nubia, Astoria, Bria, Alexia and Eliza. Each of these mattresses is specifically designed and engineered using the properties of the luxurious European-based foams Blu Sleep uses in its diverse pillow and topper lines. Over a year in the making, these beds were carefully fabricated to provide optimum support, with conforming comfort for all sleepers.

Raw materials were careful sourced after extensive testing proved they met the company’s stringent quality standards. Alex explains, “We paid attention to every detail.” Not only was great care taken in specifying the foam cores and quilting materials, the covers and borders were designed for optimum performance with a foam-based mattress. By using high quality super-stretch and upholstery grade fabric, the cover adds to the support and comfort of Blu Sleep’s mattress collection. The models within the six-bed collection include variations of breathable, open-cell foam, memory foam, foamed gels, latex, bio-based foams and polyurethane foams.

In addition to launching a comprehensive six-line mattress collection and expanding its successful pillow line, Blu Sleep has updated its strategic business plan. The company started with a plan that’s founded on a “core business philosophy of helping our retailers satisfy their customers with in-novative, unique and distinctive products that increase their profit margins.”

From there, they added marketing theme that encourages potential retailers and consumers alike to experience the wonder of their colorful product collections. The theme of the company’s new marketing program is, “Come see, touch, feel, and experience…we know you will love them!”

POP displays reinforce the importance of testing the products and eye-catching stands present a variety of pillows, allowing the consumer to feel the difference between the diverse offerings. Blu Sleep’s use of color within its products helps RSAs and consumers visually differentiate the products within various collections.

Retailers can experience the extensive variety of Blu Sleep’s pillow, topper and mattress collections within the company’s first private showroom at the Las Vegas World Market Center during the Winter Market. Visit our guide on page 15 for showroom information.

“Customers need to touch, feel and embrace our products,” co-president Elizabeth Ciccolella explains. “They know something is different when they see the color schemes, the engineered designs and their uniqueness. Once they touch our pillows, toppers or mattresses, they will feel the difference and know that it’s not just a marketing claim. They will then understand the importance of offering a substantial upgrade in quality for a reasonable price.”