Blu Sleep Delivers Superior Quality, Competitive Prices With Expanded Portfolio

Over the past decade, Blu Sleep Products has built a reputation around its European engineered Italian foam bedding products. Made with unique designs and high quality natural materials and essential oils, the company’s innovative offerings deliver optimum airflow and comfort levels, high densities and quick responsiveness. Blu Sleep is expanding its already comprehensive portfolio at the summer Las Vegas Market, unveiling distinctive new mattress and pillow models that combine advanced features with competitive price points.

The company is introducing its expanded Nubia mattress line at market, which now includes three new models in soft, medium and firm. These new mattresses are specifically designed to offer bedding dealers superior quality, Italian foam sleep products at a much more competitive price—ranging from $999 to $4,499 at retail.

“Our goal is to offer well thought out extensions to our carefully designed and engineered pillows and mattresses without compromising quality, feel, support, comfort and look,” explained Alex Ciccolella, owner of Blu Sleep Products. “We are not interested in competing with the lowest price foam pillows, or with the cheapest bed-in-a box mattresses. Superior quality and distinct comfort and performance remain our mission. We want our customers to know that our products are the real thing.”

Additionally, Blu Sleep is also expanding its Nature and Wellness pillow collections with new high tech, cross-functional options and the new Bi-Touch dual comfort pillows. Ranging in retail price from $49 to $149, the company’s extensive pillow line-up includes a variety of different sizes and profiles. All of Blu Sleep’s pillow offerings are supported by the newly expanded “Choose The Perfect Pillow System” marketing initiative.

With advanced benefits, high-end materials and comprehensive offerings, Blu Sleep is providing retailers quality mattress and pillow options that offer excellent profit margins.