Blending Science & Comfort for an Innovative Night’s Sleep

Restless sleep, lack of support, and “sleeping hot” are all common problems for shoppers. While some manufacturers boast better sleep solutions through different materials; placement; and mattresses—with little description as to where the products and materials originate—it begs the question “How?”

South Bay International has an answer. With a key focus on balancing advanced science with comfort, South Bay provides retailers with products that are not only sleep solutions, but innovative technological advancements in the industry. Since 1993, South Bay has helped retailers sell mattress and continues to forge ahead in the mattress industry by providing scientifically backed products and original raw materials for a better night’s sleep.

Before a mattress, topper, or pillow is even constructed, South Bay ensures that the key material, visco memory foam, is 100% pure. As the only American based company with a 700,000 square foot foam factory in China, South Bay manufactures quality visco memoryfoam. Located in Jiaxing, China, South Bay’s facility has rigorous controls from start to finish in addition to routine third party laboratory tests.  Both make certain of the foam’s authenticity. South Bay’s pure visco memory-foam does not include fillers that the manufacturer believes decreases the life of a mattress.

Peter Tarquinio, CEO of South Bay International elaborates on the benefits of being an OEM manufacturer of visco memory foam, “By working from the raw material to finished products we can reduce our manufacturing costs, which lowers the cost of the finished product  for the retailer and consumer. We know where our mattress materials originate and can provide retailers with the high quality, 100% pure mattresses consumers are looking for.”

In addition to their manufacturing facilities, South Bay pushes the envelope with the science behind their bedding. As the inventor of the patented Wedge, the edge support technology stabilizes the entire sleeping surface of the mattress. Constructed of high density HR polyurethane foam, the wedge maintains the outer edge and seating area of their mattresses; extends the sleep surface by 20%; and helps prevent sagging. By sustaining the sleeper’s body weight in comparison to other memory foam mattresses, South Bay developed a solution to a common sleep issue and has the patented innovation to back it.

For temperature solutions, South Bay introduced the sleep science proprietary air channel base which increases air flow through the mattress core and reduces friction for a cooler sleep surface. Cut in one-inch relief grooves, they run horizontally and vertically. For sleepers who are partial to inner spring mattresses, the air channel base responds similarly as it absorbs the body’s force from the sleep surface and upper layers of the mattress core. This allows for it to fit more closely to the body.

Not only is South Bay utilizing new technologies to better suit the sleeper, they also have cutting edge materials to create a better night’s sleep. The Advanced Science Technologies Black Diamond Collection combines the properties of bamboo charcoal with South Bay’s innovation for ground breaking products.

Used in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan for hundreds of years, the bamboo charcoal or “black diamond” adds air purification and moisture  absorption capabilities to their visco memory foam products. First pieces of bamboo are burned in an oven at temperatures of 500–800 celsius turning the bamboo to charcoal. The charcoal is then ground and added to South Bay’s 100% pure visco elastic memory foam. Together, the bamboo charcoal and memory foam offers an extended therapeutic and comfortable solution.

Included in the line of toppers, pillows, and now mattresses the Black Diamond properties are reflected in the products. The bamboo charcoal absorbs body perspiration and neutralizes humidity in the immediate vicinity. It also neutralizes the traditional foam smell which in turn reduces consumer returns for new foam products. The air purification continues to absorb unpleasant odors. The bamboo fibers also enhance antibacterial properties of the visco memory foam and decreases bacteria by more than 90% of normal foam products.

Originally unveiled as a Black Diamond pillow collection, South Bay received such positive feedback from consumers and retailers; they expanded and recently unveiled a mattress in the Black Diamond Collection. The 8” black diamond visco memory foam mattress includes a top layer of black diamond visco elastic memory foam.

By offering the Black Diamond Collection; mattresses, pillows, and toppers retailers have more ways to entice consumers and maximize the benefits of the bamboo charcoal. “With proven studies by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of China on the benefits of ‘black diamond’ we are giving consumers a distinctive, organic ways to solve sleep problems. With the mattress and pillow or topper to rejuvenate an old bed, we’re providing retailers a wider base to meet more needs,” states Peter Tarquinio.

It is through these advances that South Bay blends science, innovation, and comfort to meet consumer needs. By cutting back on manufacturing costs, continue to find new inventions and innovative material, South Bay International allows retailers more options to consumers and in turn increase sales.

The Black Diamond Collection examined:

8” Black Diamond Mattress First of the collection, the 8 inch Diamond Mattress includes:

*Top layer of bamboo charcoal visco elastic memory foam
*Layer of Slumber Tech visco memory foam
*Support Tech Air Channel base
*Patented Wedge support system

Black Diamond Pillow Collection

The original black diamond product, South Bay’s pillows come in three distinct varieties all of which include the air purification and moisture absorption of the bamboo charcoal fibers.

*Black Diamond Ravello—Available as a ventilated and non-ventilated version, the pillow is ergonomically shaped with a 5 lb density memory foam and bamboo charcoal fiber pillow. With a slightly lower loft, includes gradual neck incline and the hour glass shape allows the pillow to curve and contour at the neck.
*Black Diamond Tri-Zone—With three distinct zones, the pillow is a cross between ventilated and non-ventilated pillows. A versatile choice, the Tri-Zone has a distinct neck region, comfort zone and small ventilation holes for a plush feel.
*Black Diamond Euro—The traditional shape, 5 pound pillow is available as ventilated and non ventilated with a higher loft suitable for all sleep positions.

Black Diamond Topper

The bamboo charcoal visco elastic memory foam rejuvenates a mattress by providing additional comfort and support of memory foam as well as the moisture absorption and air purification properties of the bamboo charcoal.