BioSmart Launches Innovative Bedding Products for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

BioSmart Sciences, Inc. debuts clinically proven products in the pillow and mattress categories that are designed to improve sleep during the Sacramento-based company’s inaugural home furnishings trade show, the Winter Las Vegas Market.

Following a highly successful test through a national retail chain, BioSmart launches its Bios Anti Snore/Anti Sleep Apnea Pillow – the first pillow to treat snoring and sleep apnea cleared by the U.S. FDA – in the company’s new showroom in Las Vegas. Product benefits claims are backed by three clinical tests conducted at the Stanford University Center for Human Sleep Research. A patent is pending for the Bios pillow, which has a suggested retail price of $129.95.

Top sleep doctors at Stanford University developed and administered protocols for independent trials in which test subjects with snoring problems experienced a 78 percent reduction in snoring events, and an 86 percent reduction in the duration of such events. The same tests showed a 24 percent reduction in symptoms of mild obstructive sleep apnea.

BioSmart’s Bios mattress line, also launching at the Vegas Market, consists of six styles in standard sizes that have suggested retail prices between $1499 and $4499. The company’s manufacturing technology is patented, with underlying science-based designs originating in the precepts of anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics, osteopathy and pressure analysis. Memory foam is not used because of excess body pressures, mal-alignment, and heat buildup which that foam produces.

Along with the proprietary construction, mattresses feature four to six performance layers that include latex in some models, as well as two-way stretch covers that won’t “trampoline” or restrict performance.

BioSmart’s Bios mattresses were additionally tested in clinical trials to reveal improvements in vital Delta and REM sleep, with subjects showing a significant reduction in nighttime tossing and turning by up to 75 percent, as compared with competitive products tested. Notably, there were significant reductions in neck, shoulder, back and hip pain, as previously reported by subjects. Reduced pressures on the shoulder, hip and back produced more refreshed awakenings and next day performance.

BioSmart plans to launch two posture- and health-related products later this year. In the Vegas showroom, 6 styles of Bios chairs, engineered for improved body support, will additionally be on display, with suggested retail prices between $399 and $599.

About BioSmart Sciences, Inc.: BioSmart Sciences, Inc. develops technology which improves posture in sleep and daytime activities. Products are the first in the marketplace to be clinically proven to improve sleep. CEO Mark Bradlee and SVP Roger Sramek have over 70 years combined experience in invention and innovation in sleeping surfaces.