BIO-TEXTIMA brings its VitalWOOD Wooden-Coil Spring System to the US

BIO-TEXTIMA’s VitalWOOD handmade, anatomically active wooden coil spring system will be on display at the Winter Las Vegas Market.

“Our first goal is to simply introduce this internationally award-winning, tested and proven Anatomical Wooden Spring technology,” says BIO-TEXTIMA’s Commercial Director Gabor Voros, “and our premium-quality natural, bio-based beds made of the finest Belgian and Italian fabrics, Hybrid- Latex, Biogreen cold foam, as well as organic wool, cotton, coconut fiber and 100% organic latex rubber. Our second goal is to reach out to qualified retailers, manufacturers and perhaps even suppliers to create a North American strategic partnership to explore the very best way to market the World’s Only Wooden Spring Mattress.”

While the wooden coil concept is completely new to the North American market, VitalWOOD Mattresses and Boxsprings have been successfully marketed and sold through premium mattress retailers in Austria, Switzerland, southern Germany, northern Italy, Russia, Singapore and China. “Our company has been manufacturing ‘bio-harmonious’ wooden bedroom furniture for 20 years. With our ever–increasing Swiss-based knowledge of providing anatomic and ergonomic beds over ten years time, we then opened a new chapter in ‘natural sleep culture’ by introducing the VitalWOOD metal-free wooden coil mattress in 2011,” says Voros. Since its introduction, VitalWOOD has won the IMM Interior Innovation Award in 2011 at Cologne, Germany and successfully expanded distribution and sales in both Europe and Asia.

“This is a recognized, established and scientifically tested coil system that provides unparalleled levels of comfort and support,” Voros explains. “Plus these coils are made of renewable hardwood sources, engineered, fine-tooled and tested for use in superiorly designed upper-middle and premium performance bio-based mattresses. We use very precise Swiss technology and only the finest sourced and certified materials to create our mattresses.”

The VitalWOOD Masterpiece bed, made with organic cotton and wool, as well as shavings from the relaxing Swiss pine (Pinus Cembra) and a hand-stitched luxury cover manufactured from natural cellulous, will be displayed on a Greenington Currant Platform BED crafted in 100% solid Moso Bamboo.

The VitalWOOD Mattress collection’s suggested retail price ranges from $1,600 to $5,800.