Beautyrest Unveils Major Product Launches And A New Marketing Strategy

Beautyrest is heading to the winter Las Vegas Market with an updated marketing strategy and a full slate of new mattress offerings. The brand’s 2019 product launches include new offerings within the Beautyrest Black, Beautyrest Silver and Beautyrest Complete lines as well as the launch of the Beautyrest Hybrid and Beautyrest lines. Models feature a new, simplified comfort scale as well as names that correlate to product attributes, so they better resonate with customers.

The winter market marks strategic marketing updates from Beautyrest that include adopting an omnichannel program and focusing more on digital channels. In 2019, customers will experience Beautyrest in the same way wherever and however they encounter the brand. Communications will be customer-centric and will speak to mattress shoppers in straightforward language that is easy to understand. Messaging will be benefit driven with product features serving as the reasons to believe Beautyrest will deliver the outlined benefits.

In addition, Beautyrest will focus more on digital marketing elements throughout 2019 and less on broadcast media. This approach encompasses both social media as well as online ratings and reviews, which have grown more integral to the mattress shopping experience in recent years. In fact, the brand is being proactive about reviews in advance of its 2019 introductions by sampling mattresses with customers before the beds hit retail floors. Efforts to garner more reviews will continue throughout the year as well.

“Our marketing strategy emphasizes Beautyrest as a whole across all channels, so customers have continuity in their brand experience,” said Vice President, Beautyrest Marketing Cara Finger. “We want customers to know what Beautyrest represents and to be emotionally engaged with the brand, so we’ve structured our 2019 introductions and marketing support with these objectives in mind.”

Beautyrest Black


Since its inception, Beautyrest Black has represented the culmination of Beautyrest’s  greatest achievements in innovation and design, and 2019 marks the launch of a new Beautyrest Black line that continues this tradition. The new collection includes 12 new models offered in three luxury classes – dubbed L-Class, C-Class and K-Class – with distinctive appearance, highly sophisticated engineering and unparalleled cooling and comfort.

The new Beautyrest Black line combines the support of T3 Pocketed Coil Technology, improved BlackICE 4.0 Cooling Technology and curated Technoluxe Memory Foams to make this line the ultimate choice in luxury bedding.

Pricing for the new Beautyrest Black collection ranges from $1,799 to $3,899, with each of the three classes offering enhanced support and cooling properties that contribute to an impactful step-up story within the line. The exclusive T3 Pocketed Coil Technology is made up of three steel strands wound into one coil to absorb energy, reduce motion and provide exceptional resilience for support, durability and undisturbed sleep. Found only in Beautyrest Black, BlackICE 4.0 Technology is the company’s most advanced temperature-management system. It uses four cooling actions, including a cool-to-the-touch cover to create a cooling sensation at the surface, a second layer of cool-to-the-touch materials just beneath the surface to enhance heat dissipation, a silver-infused fiber layer to draw heat away from the body and a breathable SilkAir fiber layer to provide high airflow and prevent heat buildup.

Beautyrest Black also continues to visually distinguish itself on the retail floor with a new sophisticated charcoal gray double-channel quilted border panel and a modern chevron pattern on the top of the mattress, which adds interest by creating the illusion of motion. All models also feature an updated medallion design with a simplified logo for a more modern look.

“Beautyrest Black continues to experience ongoing brand growth because of its unique ‘Technoluxe’ positioning within the market,” said Senior Director, Beautyrest Marketing Andy Monfalcone. “We’ve succeeded in combining key innovations in technology and luxury that are relevant to customers, and the 2019 Beautyrest Black collection takes this approach to a new level. Our retail partners have reacted very positively to the line’s look and feel as well as the easy-to-sell sleep benefits it offers, and we’re excited to see how customers respond to the new Beautyrest Black collection in 2019.”

Beautyrest Silver


Designed to be 15 percent more durable than previous Beautyrest Silver mattresses, the 2019 Beautyrest Silver line is engineered to maintain its shape and consistent comfort over the life of a mattress. The brand is debuting 13 Beautyrest Silver models at market, ranging in price from $699 to $1,099. All mattresses in the line focus on offering increased durability, a fresh and cool sleep environment, and pressure-relieving comfort.

“The new Beautyrest Silver line features the most durable mattresses priced under $1,000 in the history of the brand,” said Senior Director, Beautyrest Marketing Laura Brewick. “We’ve also incorporated sophisticated comfort layers in certain models, such as our Dynamic Response Memory Foam, which previously was found in our Beautyrest Black collection. This combination of durability, comfort and conforming support means that the Beautyrest Silver line is poised to have a major impact at retail in 2019.”

The Beautyrest Silver line features the 900 Series Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology, which provides motion separation, enhanced pressure relief and individualized back support. DualCool Technology keeps the mattress fresh and cool through an antimicrobial performance layer that moves heat and moisture away. It also includes a moisture-wicking cover to create a comfortable sleeping environment. Each mattress also features the BeautyEdge edge support system, which creates a firmer, more stable edge-to-edge sleeping area and offers more consistent comfort compared to a coil edge. Select models also feature Dynamic Response Memory Foam, which conforms and contours to the body to help eliminate pressure points, and GelTouch Foam for added surface contouring and conformability.

Beautyrest Complete

Beautyrest Black Luxury Base

Beautyrest is also adding three new adjustable bases to its Beautyrest Complete product line, building upon the line’s original pillow, pillow cover and mattress cover offerings. Retailing for $499, $799 and $1,699, the new adjustable base lineup enables customers to complete their sleep system at any price point. Each model was designed to cater to specific customer needs.

The Beautyrest Simple Motion Base provides basic motion functions, such as head and foot elevation, which are controlled via wireless remote. This $499 model features a slim profile with single-height legs as well as an attractive performance mesh fabric.

The Beautyrest Advanced Motion Base pairs motion with convenience. This $799 model has a slim profile, massage, USB charging ports and Zero-G preset position. Choose from one of three leg heights or remove the legs for use in a platform bed for added flexibility.

The Beautyrest Black Luxury Base includes beautiful styling along with modern luxury extras. Featuring a furniture-like sleek profile and upholstery-like woven fabric, this $1,699 base marries perfectly with any Beautyrest Black mattress. Natural movements like full head tilt, adjustable lumbar and extended recline are designed to cradle and support more naturally than other bases in any lounge position. The Beautyrest Black Luxury Base is also smart home-enabled, so all of its features, like underbed lighting, can be controlled through Amazon Echo and Google Home.   

“Interest in adjustable bases is on the rise, and this provides a lot of opportunity for Beautyrest retail partners who are looking to help customers step up into the motion category,” said Monfalcone. “We’ve strategically positioned each of the Beautyrest Complete motion bases to provide retail sales associates with an easy selling process. Our Simple Motion Base makes adjustable technology available for just slightly more than a standard foundation, while the Advanced Motion Base offers enhanced function at a moderate price point. Of course, upgrading to the Beautyrest Black Luxury Base is a natural choice for those who purchase a Beautyrest Black mattress.”

Beautyrest Hybrid


This January also marks the launch of Beautyrest Hybrid, a new line from the Beautyrest brand that combines the benefits of Pocketed Coil Technology and the comfort of advanced memory foams. While Beautyrest first established its hybrid mattress category in 2008—and it has integrated hybrid models into many of its lines in recent years—the 2019 Beautyrest Hybrid line will be the first standalone hybrid collection for the brand.

Priced from $999 to $2,299, the new Beautyrest Hybrid line features eight models that rely on key technologies to help sleepers obtain their best rest. Available in plush or firm constructions, the line is made with the 1000 Series Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology to provide motion separation for undisturbed sleep, enhanced conforming properties and individualized back support. The ContourFit Design offers a superior stretch and recovery surface that adapts to the body throughout the night, allowing sleepers to engage more closely with the pressure-relieving memory foams for a deeper, easier sleep. The line also features advanced InfiniCool cooling layers that let sleepers feel cool and stay comfortable while they sleep. Select models also incorporate additional pressure-relieving comfort and support layers, including HD Memory Foam, Beautyrest Gel Memory Foam, Comfort Response Latex and BackCare 3X micro coils.

All Beautyrest Hybrid models are guaranteed to offer lasting comfort, with the line’s warranty reflecting a ¾” impression tolerance. Aesthetically, models feature a chevron pattern on the top panel that ties it to the new Beautyrest Black line but uses lighter gray and yellow tones for a distinct look.

“When today’s shoppers hear the term ‘hybrid,’ they know it signifies an integration of new technology, and they instinctively want to learn more about a product – whether it’s a hybrid car or a hybrid mattress,” said Brewick. “We believe the Beautyrest Hybrid collection offers compelling benefits that can convert both previous innerspring and previous foam customers to the hybrid category, and based on the response to the line, our retail partners agree.”



Priced at $399 to $699, the new seven-bed Beautyrest line offers a premier support system at attainable price points. Each model in the Beautyrest line uses key technologies to enhance the sleep experience. The 800 Series Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology provides flexible support precisely where it’s needed and isolates motion between two sleepers. In fact, the support system reduces partner disturbance over 40 percent when compared to an open-coil mattress. The antimicrobial DualCool Technology layer works to keep the mattress fresh and cool while moving heat and moisture away. Select models also include Gel Memory Foam Lumbar Support and GelTouch Foam.

“Given that customer awareness of Beautyrest is higher than ever, we determined that 2019 is the right time to align all of our offerings under the Beautyrest name,” said Brewick. “This new line makes Pocketed Coil Technology extremely affordable, and it is designed to serve as a promotional category that our retail partners can use to introduce new customers to the entire Beautyrest portfolio.”