Beautyrest Debuts New Additions To Silver, Platinum And Black Collections

Beautyrest is making a sweeping introduction at the Winter Las Vegas Market, with new additions to three of its popular mattress collections. The company will unveil three promotionally-priced Silver models, a new iteration of its successful Beautyrest Platinum line-up and four new Beautyrest Black Special Edition models.

Beautyrest Silver

Beautyrest Silver 2018

Designed to emphasize key price points, the new Beautyrest Silver mattress options provide retailers with more promotional options. The introductions include two euro top models that offer a choice of feels at $799 and a pillow-top option that, when paired with the existing Beautyrest Silver portfolio, provides a triple choice at the $999 price point.

The new Beautyrest Silver models feature the same comfort technologies as the current line. Each bed is made with silver-enhanced DualCool Technology Fiber, which is designed to help move both heat and moisture away from the surface of the mattress to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature. It also prevents the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew to keep the mattress fresh. Open-cell AirFeel Foam ensures greater airflow, performance and durability, while AirCool Foam has a channeled surface design that promotes additional airflow through the mattress. Layers of AirCool Gel Memory Foam provides added pressure point relief and delivers a cool, comfortable sleep environment.

Beautyrest Platinum

Beautyrest Platinum Hybrid 2018_Emerald Falls Ultimate Plush

Designed to appeal to consumers who are interested in luxurious, convenient sleep products that will help them achieve their full potential, the new Beautyrest Platinum mattresses sit between the Beautyrest Silver and Beautyrest Black lines. Built with balance in mind, these premium-performance beds blend art and science together for a more fulfilling sleep.

The new Beautyrest Platinum Collection was designed to regulate the nuances of temperature and support to offer smarter, restorative rest. Featuring a contemporary aesthetic with simple yet sophisticated patterns, the line includes 16 innerspring and hybrid models that range in price from $1,299 to $2,999. To add extra value into each purchase, the brand will include a complimentary Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor with all Beautyrest Platinum mattresses in 2018—giving consumers the unique smart bed benefits of monitoring and improving their sleep.

Beautyrest Platinum

Priced from $1,299 to $1,999, the 11 new Beautyrest Platinum models are made with advanced support, cooling and comfort technologies. Each bed incorporates 1,000-Density Pocketed Coil Technology, which offers enhanced conformability and motion separation thanks to ultra-responsive, individually wrapped coils. Select models also include BackCare 3X, a support layer engineered with over 2,000 additional pressure-relief micro-coils for up to 20 percent better spinal alignment.

Beautyrest Platinum models also offer total temperature control through two temperature-management technologies. Uniquely positioned just beneath a soft fabric knit cover, the new InfiniCool Surface fiber layer is enhanced with cooling materials to move heat directly away from the body up to 20 percent better than the 2016 Beautyrest Platinum line. The fiber layer also includes ActivPur, an antimicrobial technology that prevents odor-causing bacteria to help keep the bed fresh. Additionally, the new mattresses feature Beautyrest Gel Memory Foam. This gel-infused material contours to the body, providing exceptional support and advanced pressure relief while promoting freedom of movement. Due to its innovative open-cell structure, the foam encourages better airflow to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature.

Beautyrest Platinum Hybrid

Priced from $1,999 to $2,999, the Beautyrest Platinum Hybrid incorporates the best of two important mattress technologies: the support of Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology and the contouring surface feel of memory foam. All five new Beautyrest Platinum Hybrid models feature the new PressureSense Hybrid Support System, a true hybrid support system. With alternating Pocketed Coil springs and Pocketed Memory Foam™ in the center third of the bed, this new system conforms to the body for the right balance of pressure relief and support. Select models include a Motion Reflex Layer, an ultra-supportive element designed to promote spinal alignment. With a quick recovery time, it enhances freedom of movement and promotes airflow for undisturbed sleep.

As in the rest of the line, the Beautyrest Platinum Hybrid models feature technologies aimed at helping sleepers stay cool during the night, including the new InfiniCool HD Surface and a trio of cooling memory foams. The InfiniCool HD Surface includes cooling materials positioned beneath the mattress’ high definition (HD) knit fabric cover. Luxe in feel, this fabric helps wick away humidity while the InfiniCool HD Surface design moves heat directly away from the body up to 35 percent better when compared to the previous Beautyrest Platinum line.

While the exact combination of cooling foams varies depending on the model, each layer offers a distinctive feel that helps provide temperature control during the night. ActivPur Memory Foam is made with platinum and silver additives to deliver cooling properties and antimicrobial benefits, while the surface-layer AirCool Memory Foam is engineered to provide airflow through the mattress. AirCool Gel Memory Foam features an innovative open-cell structure to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature, offer incredible pressure relief and promote freedom of movement.

Beautyrest Black

Beautyrest Black Special Edition 2018

Beautyrest will introduce four new Beautyrest Black Special Edition models to its current Beautyrest Black collection in 2018. Offering a choice of feels at $3,299 and $3,699, the new models pair Advanced Pocketed Coil technology, which provides excellent durability as well as pressure relief and motion separation, with a layer of 2,200 contouring nanocoils for refined support and spinal alignment. Each Special Edition bed also includes a new HD Performance Knit fabric cover that is designed to wick moisture away from the sleep surface.

The Beautyrest Black Special Edition introduces unique feels thanks to each model’s distinct combination of comfort materials. The HD Performance Knit Cover achieves luxurious softness with a high count of fine yarns that are intricately knit into each square inch of fabric. The SurfaceCool Plus Fiber is designed to dissipate body heat away from the sleeping surface, while open-cell AirFeel Foam helps provide airflow, performance and added durability. Each mattress also features Dynamic Response Memory Foam, which has a uniquely firm feel to help provide conforming back support.

The new models may also feature a variety of advanced foam technologies. AirCool Gel Memory Foam provides both pressure point relief and a cool sleep environment, while the GelTouch Foam delivers soothing comfort with exceptional surface contouring and conformability. In addition to reliving pressure points by conforming to the body’s position, the AirCool Memory Foam is made from an open structure to maximize airflow and maintain comfort during sleep. Finally, Micro Diamond Memory Foam utilizes the conductive properties of diamond particles to effectively move heat away from the body.

Beginning in 2018, Beautyrest will be including a complimentary Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor with the purchase of any Beautyrest Black mattress, enabling customers to monitor their nightly sleeping patterns by transforming their mattress into a smart bed.

All Beautyrest mattress models are CertiPUR-US Certified to ensure polyurethane foams meet standards for content, emissions and durability. In addition, they can be paired with the Triton Foundation or SmartMotion Base and include a 10-year limited warranty.