Aximon Introduces New Southeast Asian Mattress Line

Aximon Sleep Products will introduce its new South East Asian Mattress line at the winter Las Vegas Market. The new program will include a widespread selection of memory foam and hybrid mattresses, featuring all new materials including Cool Surface, Graphene Surface, Copper Surface and more.

Aximon has invested in factories in South East Asia and will serve as an OEM supplier for mattress importers and manufacturers in the USA. This new mattress program will be made in Malaysia as opposed to China.

“This is a new strategy to prepare for the new anti-dumping duty and  new tariff on products imported from CHINA,” explained Richard Loo, CEO of Aximon. “Aximon now has capacity to ship about 100 containers a month for immediate shipment. Many factories that have just moved to  South East Asia are still in the testing mode on their foam production. However, we at Aximon are completely ready and able to ship right now. For instance, one of our production locations in South East Asia is producing 6000 pieces a day for their local domestic market. We have the capacity to meet North American demand.”