Anatomic Global Introduces Five “ShoreLine” Memory Foam Mattresses

CORONA, CA – Anatomic Global unveiled ShoreLine, a five-mattress line, at the Las Vegas Furniture Market August 1-5. The line widens the retailer’s price points for domestically manufactured visco memory foam mattresses.

“Historically, Anatomic Global has covered the mid-range of the market and reaching into the premium segment with its flagship Comfort by Design brand. We noted a significant need for quality product down to and just above the lower price points, which is a segment we are uniquely qualified to target.” said Anatomic Global’s CEO David Farley.

ShoreLine mattresses are packaged and marketing to compete against the imports in this newly evolving moderate segment above the low end. ShoreLine mattresses include more functionality than competitive imports while allowing low volume orders and quicker delivery options not usually possible for importers. These program elements also respond to retailer’s general concerns about import quality.

“The ShoreLine Group helps to retain margins and it serves to address problems our retailers tell us they have with the logistics and quality issues of selling imported brands. These ‘lesser products’ are still plagued with compression recovery, feel consistency and odor problems. We record these deficiencies regularly. If we can give consumers something made in America close to the import price, our research says most will opt for the American product.”

Farley said the story goes deeper than just the quality “concerns” over the foreign imports.

“What happens today at retail is that a customer comes into the showroom because of an advertisement for a memory foam mattress. They lay on the mattress and are either shocked that it’s a $3,000 to $6, 000 product, or it’s not the right feel for them. So, either the RSA takes them down to a very poor-performing $400 import or moves them to latex or inner-spring -- neither of which the consumer really wants. By positioning ShoreLine just below our Comfort by Design brand, Anatomic Global spans a very wide and viable price point range from $499 to $3,099. The Shoreline Group offers more steps, more comfort feels and more opportunity for the retailer to sell the customer at a higher margin.”

ShoreLine covers are made from ultra-soft, breathable and absorbent Modal fabric. All mattresses in the line will also feature EcoMemoryFoam, which was the first visco memory foam to be made in North America using a plant-based formula and featuring Anatomic Global’s proprietary extreme-open cell design with nine times greater airflow than other memory foams.

ShoreLine mattresses are priced in queen to retail at $499 to $1,499.

The new collection was shown with Anatomic Global’s signature Comfort by Design, EcoSeries and “PureSeven” collections.

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About Anatomic Global: Founded in 1989, Corona, California-based Anatomic Global is a fully integrated, EDI capable globally positioned distribution, logistics and fulfillment-company that today incorporates the brand development and marketing insight of bedding industry leaders to meet the needs of its customers. Deeply rooted in the medical mattress industry, in 2008 the company applied its medical manufacturing expertise and launched its signature, exclusive EcoMemoryFoam™ extreme open-cell plant-based memory foam lines.