Airweave To Provide Mattresses At Tokyo 2020 Olympics

airweave, a manufacturer of premium mattresses, toppers and pillows in Japan, will provide its innovative products to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic athlete villages as the official bedding partner. The airweave brand has previously been chosen by athletes around the world who desire to maintain top physical condition for better performance. It's usage at 2020's games will mark the first time in the history of Olympic and Paralympic games that multifunctional, customizable and recyclable mattresses are placed within the athlete village for the sake of improving athletes’ sleep and supporting the sustainability goals of the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Athletes’ bodies vary greatly depending on the sport they play, with each having different weight, body type and amount of muscle. Olympians and Paralympians will use airweave’s modular airfiber mattresses to achieve proper support, spine alignment and pressure relief for any body type during the 2020 games. Some features and benefits of the modular mattresses are:

  • Three-piece design allows for firmness customization for the shoulders, back, and legs.
  • Each airfiber block has a different firmness on each side (4 variations in total).
  • Self-customize by swapping the order of the three blocks and flipping from one side to another.

Constructed with recyclable airfiber material and cardboard bed frames, the 18,000 airweave beds set to furnish the Olympics not only offer customizable support but also help lessen waste. Airweave’s proprietary airfiber material is made from a thermoplastic material which means it can be melted unlimited times to make new products.

Below, find a complete list of airweave-designed products for the Olympic Village: 

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic Village 18,000 beds
  • Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Village 8,000 beds (re-pourposed from Olympic athletes)
  • Mattress (exclusively designed for Tokyo 2020 Athlete Villages)
  • Duvet (Olympic & Paralympic visual design provided to airweave)
  • Pillow (provides neck support regardless of sleep position)
  • Bed Frame (made of recycled cardboard)


About airweave Inc.:Airweave was born from a desire to do things differently when, Founder & CEO, Motokuni Takaoka took over his uncle's fishing line company in 2004. A graduate of the Stanford School of Engineering, Takaoka experimented with different applications of the resin fiber used to create fishing line, and discovered that the material was perfectly suited for a newer and better purpose: to revolutionize the way we sleep. Since the first mattress topper shipped in 2007, Airweave has expanded to a range of lifestyle, travel, and technology sleep products in Japan, and has been adopted by elite athletes and organizations worldwide to help them perform at the highest level.