Airweave Expands Personalization Capabilities With New Modular Mattress

Airweave is delivering a more personalized sleep experience with an expanded mattress line and a new technological solution. The company has introduced the new airweave Mattress Advanced, a modular mattress with multiple firmness configurations, alongside airweave MattressFit, a web-based body scanning technology developed to help consumers’ find the best mattress configuration for their optimal sleep posture.

The company spent over ten years analyzing sleep data and advancing its engineering technique to develop the new airweave Mattress Advanced. The core of the mattress is made up of three airfiber blocks that feature a different firmness on each side. The variation allows the consumer to flip the sides of each block and swap the order, creating different combinations to suit their shoulders, waist and legs.

“The three-piece customization design allows every individual with different body types to create their optimal sleep for the first time,” said Motokuni Takaoka, the Founder & CEO of airweave.

To simplify this personalized experience, the company is also introducing the airweave MattressFit. This web-based application utilizes body measurement analysis and data interpretation to recommend the proper mattress configuration for the user’s body type. With just two photos using a smartphone camera, the tool will measure the full shape of the user’s body, instantly analyze it and then present one of five key mattress configurations to ensure proper spine alignment.

“Spine alignment has been a key factor in providing an ideal sleep posture which reduces back pain and allows for easier turnover during sleep,” said Dr. Chie Kubota, airweave’s internal sleep expert. “So to provide all body types with the proper spine alignment and deeper sleep, we came up with this customizable mattress design.”

By combining airweave’s innovative mattress materials with this advanced level of customization, the company is delivering a variety of key benefits. The firm supportive feel of airfiber helps maintain the body’s natural posture to minimize aches and pains. Airfiber has also been shown to help lower core body temperature and minimize tossing and turning, helping the consumer achieve deeper more refreshing sleep. And because the mattress is 100% washable, consumers can breathe and rest easier knowing that they are sleeping with less dust and germs.

The new airweave Mattress Advanced ranges from $2,180 for Twin to $3,120 for California King.