Airweave Debuts New Modular Mattress

Airweave is unveiling its newest mattress model to the US market​​. Developed to satisfy a wider range of consumer needs, the new Airweave Mattress Advanced delivers the company’s signature support and breathability with a unique modular design.

Born from a desire to help sleepers achieve better spinal alignment, Airweave was established when Founder and CEO, Motokuni Takaoka, took over his uncle’s fishing line company. A graduate of the Stanford School of Engineering, Takaoka experimented with different applications of the resin fiber used to create fishing line and discovered that the material was perfectly suited for creating sleep products. Guided by scientific research and consumer feedback, the brand has since optimized the performance of the proprietary technical textile, airfiber. This highly resilient interwoven resin fiber creates free airflow and offers unparalleled support and temperature control.

Since shipping its first mattress topper in 2007, Airweave has expanded its product portfolio to include a range of lifestyle, travel and technological sleep products in Japan. In 2016, the company launched its first full size mattress in the United States. The new Airwave Mattress Advanced is an enhanced iteration of the original model with exclusive features and benefits.

The lightweight, modular design includes three airfiber blocks: two with regular firmness and one with ‘dual mode’ technology. ‘Dual mode’ allows users to select their ideal firmness level by simply flipping to the regular or firm side. Inspired by the traditional Japanese futon, the Advanced is constructed to be easily stored when not in use. In addition to offering an optional pillow top layer for added softness, the mattress comes with components secured in an inner and outer cover. Encouraging sustainability, the Airweave Advanced’s parts can be individually purchased so consumers do not have to replace the entire mattress should it become worn out over time.

Unlike typical boxed beds, the Airweave Advanced Mattress cannot be compressed due to the properties of the airfiber material. By dividing the mattress into customizable parts then boxing it, Airweave has developed a bed that ships quickly and ensures simple assembly, while also avoiding any off-gassing.