A Successful Debut For Therapedic’s Bravura Line

While the Winter Las Vegas Market provided the perfect platform for Therapedic to claim its busiest and most productive show ever, the company is quick to point out that luck had little to do with its stellar showing.

“There were a myriad of drivers that all came together to give us our best show ever,” explained Gerry Borreggine, company president and CEO. “For openers, the overall economy and consumer confidence are definitely trending up. It also helped that we had the biggest and most comprehensive product introduction for our new Bravura line.”

While both those elements laid the foundation for Therapedic’s impressive outing, Borreggine credited the success on the comprehensive blocking and tackling that the company's sales managers and salespeople did prior to the show.

“They had a pre-game plan that included calling their customers, sending them new literature about the products and, perhaps, most important of all, they went into their territories to drum up excitement and interest in what we were preparing for market,” Borreggine confirmed. “When all was said and done, our sales managers and salespeople truly were the stars of the show for us.”

The new Bravura line was optimistically received by retailers at market, due in part to the scope of its offerings. The comprehensive line includes offerings that range from promotional price points to super hybrid options and topping out with a strong assortment of specialty mattresses.

“Retailers really responded to the fact that this was a comprehensive and cohesive line that literally had something for everyone,” Borreggine explained.

By definition, Bravura refers to a “brilliant style or technique in performance,” which serves to underscore and reinforce the fact that this family of sleep systems is musically inspired. This definition was constantly front and center of Borreggine’s mind as the company designed the line. In fact, even the graphics for the line showcase a musical theme: the Bravura logo is topped by an eighth note while the top-of-bed and labels feature a whimsically styled keyboard positioned under the logo. To further reinforce the musical theme, the company’s trade ads feature a striking white baby grand piano that transitions into a cutaway mattress, showing the Bravura features in an attention grabbing black backdrop.

This musical theme is reflected in the depth and breadth of Bravura, which Borreggine describes as having three distinct "movements.” The first movement is the promotional or traffic line, which features a perimeter coil-encased unit to gives the beds a stronger edge and a truer sleeping surface. One of the many benefits from these sleep systems is that there is virtually no roll-off when a sleeper lays on the very edge of the bed. With retail prices ranging from $599 to $999, with the top model being a triple choice-of-comfort showcasing a unique, gray flannel cover. In deference to the line’s musical inspiration, all of the promotional models carry names such as Prelude, Encore, and Interlude.

The second movement is the super-hybrid collection, which carries a starting retail of $1,099 and tops out at $1,699. Inspired by the music of George Gershwin, the model names for this line-up include Summertime, Fascinating Rhythm and Rhapsody in Blue. The line features a beautiful stretch-knit cover with an elegant, scroll design that has an elaborate G-clef woven into the design. Some models are quilted, some smooth-top, and others may be zippered covers.

"What and how we manufacture these models may vary by territory, but all will be done with the dealer's input," said Borreggine.

The third and final movement is the specialty collection, which includes two visco models and two talalay latex models. With suggested retail prices ranging from $1,499 to $2,999, all of the mattresses in this collection feature either copper-infused visco or copper-infused talalay latex.

“As a malleable and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity, copper offers a myriad of benefits to the sleeper," Borreggine explained. "Copper possesses increased circulatory benefits and has a healing and soothing effect on the skin. That, coupled with the anti-microbial natural benefits make this a very compelling story."

Drawing inspiration from classic rock albums, these sleep systems boast names such as 'Silk Degrees' on one visco model and 'Rubber Soul' on the opening talalay latex model. Not only does this “highlight a musical heritage that translates well on the floor of a retail store,” Borreggine stated, “it also adds a dose of fun to the presentation."

To further ensure for strong sell-through at retail, Therapedic has reinforced the innovative musical theme of the line with a broad assortment of clever POP and accessory items including banners, body pillows and foot protectors.

“The positive feedback and reaction retailers gave us to Bravura was truly music to our ears,” Borreggine said.

For more information, visit Therapedic.com.

About Therapedic International: Therapedic International is a recognized top ten mattress brand and sleep products manufacturer, operating on six continents, with over 50 licensees products under the Therapedic brand label. In addition to key channels of distribution for sleep sets including Top 100 retailers, Therapedic top-of-bed-products are sold exclusively through Bed Bath & Beyond.