Vytex Offers An Innovative, All-Natural Latex Solution

Gold Bond first introduced the Brilliance Collection at last year’s spring High Point Market—unveiling the first mattress line-up to feature Vystar Corporation’s Vytex all-natural rubber latex. Produced through a multi-patented process, Vytex is a unique eco-friendly material that eliminates nearly all antigenic proteins that cause latex allergies.

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, up to six percent of the general population experiences latex allergies. Symptoms can range from minor skins rash and swollen eyes to hives and life-threatening anaphylaxis. While many synthetic latex alternatives are made from petroleum byproducts, Vytex NRL is an all-natural resource that is biodegradable and contains no VOCs or other known human carcinogens.

By physically removing the proteins and non-rubbers from the raw material, Vytex NRL eliminates nearly all of the allergy- and odor-causing issues, while maintaining all of the positive physical attributes and sustainable properties of latex. This includes liquid barrier protection, tactile sensitivity, elasticity, strength, comfort and fit.

This innovative solution meets the needs of retailers who have seen a growing demand for natural products from consumers looking to reduce the amount of chemicals in their homes. Fully biodegradable and 100% renewable, Vytex originates from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms and forests and comes with a Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain-of-Custody certification.

Originally used in such consumer and medical products as adhesives, balloons and surgical gloves, Vytex NRL expanded into the bedding market through a strategic partnership between Gold Bond Mattress and Nature’s Home Solutions—the exclusive U.S. distributor of Vytex NRL foam.

“Gold Bond has been an innovator in the bedding industry for decades and it is so exciting to see them embrace Vytex so they can continue to lead the industry by delivering bedding options to consumers that are sustainable, natural and healthier for both consumers and the environment,” stated Tom Eisenberg, President of Nature’s Home Solutions.

By combining the enhanced comfort and cooling of traditional latex with the allergy-free and eco-friendly properties of Vytex, the five-bed Brilliance collection offers retailers a unique selling story that has truly resonated with consumers.

“The launch of our Brilliance Collection was one of the most successful in Gold Bond’s history. More and more people are backing away from visco and gel, and making the switch to Vytex, one of the most cutting-edge components available on the market today,” said Gold Bond President Robert Naboicheck. “The retailer demand for latex and eco-friendly sleep products is on the rise, and it was only natural that we expand the Brilliance line and incorporate more sustainable materials to accommodate our eco-conscious consumers.”

Visit vytex.com and goldbondmattress.com