ViscoSoft Launches Sustainable EcoSoft Memory Foam at the High Point Market

ViscoSoft is making its debut at the spring High Point Market with the launch of EcoSoft, its new eco-friendly memory foam formulation.

Founded in Shanghai in 2007, ViscoSoft began expanding its specialty foam business into the US market in 2011. The company has recently invested heavily in more renewable sources to integrate into its specialty sleep pillows. Made from over 60% of natural oil polyols in the weight of the foam, the new EcoSoft memory foam represents a major advance in foam technology. In addition to its green benefits, this new material offers enhanced durability and better breath ability due to its unique cellular structure—as proven by independent testing.

By incorporating the new EcoSoft technology into its products, ViscoSoft is working to balance its customers’ needs with more sustainable manufacturing practices. ViscoSoft will debut a line of pillows made with the material at the spring market—and the company plans on expanding the collection to include toppers and mattresses as well in the second half of 2015.

Additionally, ViscoSoft is also driving its business into more high-tech bedding products. As the trend of sleep tracking continues to grow, the company has partnered with a European electronics manufacturer to develop new ways to integrate sensors into its foams products. ViscoSoft will be showing a first generation mattress that features heart rate variability monitors, which can recognize light, REM and deep sleep in addition to making educated guesses about sleep issues through a mobile site.