Use of Celliant Technology Increases in Bedding Industry

Celliant, an ever-popular and unique material used in both mattress and top of bed products, is gaining attention as a textile technology that benefits a sleeper’s health and well-being. The material starts as yarn composed of 13 optically responsive minerals that modifies visible and infrared light and then recycles it into energy the body can use more effectively. First developed in the 1990s as a way to improve natural healing, the technology soon began being woven into fabrics and in 2003, was brought to the market by Hologenix, LLC. To ensure the quality of the yarn is not affected, Celliant’s patented technology is embedded into the core of the fibers. It cannot wash out or wear out, and the benefits of Celliant will not decrease after laundering. Its effects last the entire life cycle of the product.

When the textile is placed near a person’s skin, the recycled energy is directed to the body, increasing blood flow and blood oxygen levels. This increase in oxygen to muscle tissues and joints aids stiffness, soreness, and offers relief to aging, injuries, and arthritis. More specifically, when applied to sleep products, consumers are able to find an ideal sleeping temperature, have less interrupted nights’ sleep and an increase in daytime energy.

Through its various applications and the recent 2009 sleep study by Dr. Marcel Hung, consumers are beginning to take note of the technology behind Celliant as well as the products that include it. With the ability to be woven into filling, ticking, mattress protectors, and sheets Celliant technology affords consumers an alternative to western remedies and sleep aids. What makes technology unique is that the effects of the material last long past the amount of time the consumer has slept on the product.

Bedding manufacturers have begun putting Celliant technology in a variety of products. The T3 Recovery mattress collection includes a Celliant cover to provide the faster recovery while the Celliant latex core of Ironman Sleep Technology supports a perfect sleeping temperature. Serta’s Perfect Day mattress collection includes the Pro-Energy with Celliant fibers and has been clinically proven to increase skin oxygen levels and relieve muscle aches.

In addition, Fabrictech International has had much success with its PureCare mattress and pillow protectors. Both are made from the Celliant and Omni-Guard Ultra Fabric. Together the materials promote a better, healthier sleep allowing consumers to gain the benefits of Celliant with their pre-existing mattress and pillow.

Consumers continue to seek natural approaches to relieving everyday ailments. With the inclusion of Celliant technology to mattresses, protectors, and sheets, manufacturers offer different solutions at different price points, but with the same healing benefits.