Top 4 Reasons To Stock Organic Products

This article originally appeared in Sleep Retailer eNews on January 11, 2018 and is brought to you by Naturepedic

Help Consumers Avoid Unnecessary Exposure to Chemicals

Most mattresses on the market today use flame retardants, chemicals that serve the useful purpose of helping to prevent the mattress from exceeding flammability standards. While this is an important feature, flame retardants are still toxic chemicals that can do a lot of harm. Certified organic mattresses use natural and non-toxic materials to support healthy sleep. Since the products used to make the certified organic mattresses are overall not highly flammable, they do not need chemical flame barriers or other flame retardant chemicals. By offering organic options in your retail location, you can help consumers avoid any unnecessary exposure to chemicals.

Offer A High-Quality Luxurious Product

Certified organic bedding and mattress programs are high-quality, luxury products. Not only do they provide safety, but they provide comfort as well. Brands like Naturepedic work hard to create products that will improve consumer lives by eliminating harmful chemicals and creating relaxing and luxurious sleep environments. Organic sleep products use pure, high-caliber components in their mattress programs to ensure a safe and satisfying night's sleep.

Educate Your Customers

Most consumers are aware of organic food products, and many are aware of the benefits of natural cleaning supplies, but organic sleep products have recently become more important to consumers as health and wellness weighs more heavily into their sleep product purchasing decisions. As consumers become wiser to the value of replacing products with organic options in all areas of their lives, offering organic sleep products allows you to meet this demand. Additionally, it allows you to be a resource to shoppers who want to know more about the health and wellness benefits of organic products and the certifications that set true organic products apart from "greenwashers."

Be A Leader

By selling products that are safer for humans, you also play a role in putting less harmful chemicals into the environment. Not only is this a general positive, but it also communicates the moral interests of your brand to consumers. Authenticity is key though, so before bringing organic materials into your store, it's important to educate yourself and seek out manufacturers who have taken the time and investment to be certified and demonstrate dedication to being as thoroughly organic and non-toxic as possible. Unfortunately, environmentally friendly products are trendy and while everyone wants to participate, not all brands are truly authentic.

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