Therapedic Delivers Innovative Support with Collection Updates

TherapedicTherapedic International will showcase two unique mattress collections that feature innovative materials and construction of at the Summer Las Vegas Market.

Following successful sales of its high-performance hybrid Agility line, the company has redesigned several models within the collection to add additional layers of mini micro coils and gel for enhanced natural cooling comfort and unmatched support and durability. With two extra layers of microcoils, the collection’s top model, Crossover, now features more than 8,000 coils, offering a resilient sleep surface that contours the body. The line’s Tango model will now include an additional two-inch layer of gel-infused memory foam, adding extra comfort and cooling benefits.

“Response to the Agility collection has been overwhelmingly positive. Since its introduction last year, we have worked with our retail partners to perfect the line and create an incredibly plush and responsive product,” said Therapedic International President and CEO Gerry Borreggine. “For this market, we wanted to better differentiate the comfort feels in each of the models within the product line so we added more layers of gel and microcoils to provide an unbelievable level of comfort and support. The result is that the Tango and the Crossover are the most flexible and responsive hybrid beds on the market”

The Agility line is made of a combination of high-density foams, cooling gel memory foam, pocketed coils, and varying combinations of mini-pocket and mini-micro pocket coils. However, unlike other pocket coils which are typically stitched, glued or sewn, the mini-coils found in the Agility mattresses are encased in a three-way stretch fabric, which allows them to move and bend in a 360-degree circular motion. This free range of movement gives the mattresses a quick response surface feel and allows them to be highly resistant to body impressions and sagging. Preserve VG, the first bio-based visco-elastic gel foam on the market, is swirled into the foam compound to enhance the mattress’ cooling performance.

Enhancing the curb appeal of the beds on the showroom floor, the Agility line features a vibrant orange- tangerine and white ticking with a contemporary floral design.

In addition to the updated Agility line, Therapedic International will also introduce the new Buoyancy collection in Las Vegas. Pairing two popular trends in the bedding industry, this collection is the brand’s first gel-latex mattress. The ergonomically de- signed Buoyancy models feature Therapedic’s unique hourglass-design made from a gel-layer, fused atop natural latex, setting the collection apart from other gel-latex mattresses in the industry. This design provides more cooling benefits and additional, localized support for key areas of the body, namely shoulders, hips and the lumbar area.

“Gel is more than a trend, it’s becoming a dominant part of the specialty sleep category that is here to stay. The trick is discovering how to best utilize the gel to maximize its benefits,” said Therapedic International President and CEO Gerry Borreggine. “Our hourglass shape has become a popular feature—and synonymous with support—in our mattress construction. Building upon that success, we’ve positioned the gel at the top of the mattress in such a unique way that we are able to offer a product that provides more cooling benefits and support in all the right places.”

Therapedic provides today’s consumer with the choice of two different design motifs: the first features a subtle, beige honeycomb ticking with brown side panels, while the other option boasts a contemporary stretch knit ticking with an abstract pattern and a glamorous lavender, grey and white color palette.

The Buoyancy series consists of four models with varying amounts of latex: The base model—the 10-inch Atlantic—features the innovative hourglass gel-topped latex set atop a foam base; the 12-inch Pacific includes two one-inch layers of latex; the 13- inch Indian model consists of three one-inch layers of latex; and the line’s high-end mattress, the 14-inch Arctic, boasts four one-inch layers of natural latex for the ultimate in comfort and durability.