Talalay Global’s Latex Pillows Featured On ‘Treehouse Masters’

A luxury treehouse deserves luxury sleep products and Talalay Global answered the call when the producers of the popular television show “Treehouse Masters,” needed pillows for a treehouse under construction near Chelsea, Alabama.

The company shipped Talalay Latex pillows to treehouse builder Pete Nelson and his team, who used them to put the finishing touches on the treehouse’s two bedrooms. The results of their work will be featured in an episode of “Treehouse Masters” that premieres Sept. 14 on Discovery’s Animal Planet at 8 p.m. Eastern time. It will be repeated at 11 p.m. Eastern time the same day and additional replays will be scheduled throughout the year.

“There was a nice irony in this opportunity. Since latex sap is derived from the rubber tree, it made sense to place our products in a treehouse – albeit a very luxurious treehouse,” said Marc Navarre, president and chief executive officer of Talalay Global. “This is an important reminder of the natural base and attributes of our products. The popular television show is a nice opportunity for us to promote our brand to a broad base of consumers. It is not only helpful to our company but to the many retailers carrying our products.”

The treehouse containing the Talalay Latex pillows has been dubbed a “stylish super spy treehouse” by Nelson because it includes several hidden passageways and secret rooms.

Nelson, nicknamed the “tree whisperer,” has built nearly 100 treehouses since the show debuted in 2013, ranging from multi-bedroom units complete with electricity and plumbing to simple one-room lofts. The reality show chronicles Nelson and his team of designers and carpenters as they battle the weather and sometimes dizzying heights to complete their over-the-top projects.

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About Talalay Global: Talalay Global is the only U.S. manufacturer of Talalay latex mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows, which are sold under many leading brand names through strategic business partners. The company also owns Pure Talalay Bliss, which sells luxury finished mattresses and pillows to mattress specialty stores and home furnishings retailers. Talalay latex sleep products provide a unique feel of comfort and support by gently conforming to body contours, while providing a naturally resilient and healthy sleep environment. More than 150 employees produce mattress cores, toppers and pillows utilizing the innovative Talalay molding process in the company’s Shelton, Connecticut facility.