Study Proves Dormeo Octaspring Products Cooler and More Breathable

A recent study reveals that Dormeo Octaspring mattresses have nine times the “breathability” and sleep four times “cooler” than other leading foam and hybrid products on the market.

The study was conducted by TUV Rheinland, a global independent testing and certification body. Results were determined following a series of tests examining ventilation and heat transfer properties, comparing Octaspring mattresses with similar sleep products.

“Our innovative memory foam spring combines the benefits of visco and innerspring in one product and is proven to be more breathable and sleeps cooler than other mattresses on the market,” said Chief Marketing Officer for North American Operations Dany Sfeir. “This exciting information is a critical part of our new marketing and advertising support campaign which we believe will energize sales for our retail partners.”

The results showed that Octaspring products have greater breathability and sleep four times cooler than traditional memory foam mattresses measured from the sleep surface and nine times cooler from the side. Ventilation tests assessed airflow through the mattress by measuring pressure. As air was pulled through the mattress, ventilation was measured based on how much effort it took to circulate it in a certain amount of time. Heat transfer tests revealed that Octaspring’s rating was five out of ten, meaning it’s neither too hot nor too cold, ensuring the mattress will keep a sleeper at an optimal temperature all night long. This test indicates how heat dissipates through a mattress by determining the difference in temperature between the temperatures on the upper and lower sides of the mattress.

“This was a very important study for us because it provides useful data for retail sales associates to help tell the Dormeo Octaspring story. They are now empowered with real statistics that address the main questions consumers have today when they are shopping for sleep products,” said Dormeo Octaspring President of North American Retail Sales Chris Henning. “We know the only way to allow memory foam to sleep cooler is to provide the best ventilation possible, and we believe our customers will appreciate seeing this independent data now showing that our mattresses perform the best in the category.”