Naturepedic Goes ‘Beyond Certified’

EOS Bio Based FabricNaturepedic is going ‘Beyond Certified’ with a new campaign at the upcoming summer Las Vegas Market, to educate retailers about the company’s innovative product variety.

The ‘Beyond Certified’ campaign works toward two goals. The first is to reinforce the importance of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Naturepedic’s manufacturing facility and mattresses are independently certified to this standard. The other goal of this new campaign is to explain the ways in which Naturepedic is bringing a fresh approach to organic mattresses and sleep products. Their product portfolio includes a variety of GOTS-certified designs. In addition to all-organic latex mattresses, Naturepedic is the only manufacturer of GOTS-certified organic cotton encased coil mattresses in the U.S. For a best of both worlds design, they offer beds made with organic latex comfort layers atop organic cotton fabric encased coils, alongside models with luxurious latex-free encased comfort coils.

Naturepedic differentiates itself in the market by offering a choice of innerspring, latex core, or innerspring and latex hybrid beds—all of which follow strict standards to which the company adheres. By investing in unique sewing and encasement machinery in their GOTS certified factory, Naturepedic is able to manufacturer organic coils and sew them into cotton encasements without the use of glue or synthetics.

This creative approach to organic bedding can also be seen in the company’s latest product introductions. Naturepedic is showcasing an updated organic sleep system and three new bedding accessories at the summer Las Vegas Market. The EOS Customizable Organic Mattress Sleep System allows customers to create their own dream mattresses with a variety of customization options, including different firmness levels on each side of the bed for sleep partners with clashing preferences. Naturepedic has updated this collection to include support coils encased with bio-based fabric. Derived from non-GMO vegetable sources, this fabric is made from environmentally sustainable raw materials. Naturepedic’s innovative design allows them to securely wrap the innerspring assembly with this fabric without the use of adhesives or toxic glues.

Naturepedic will also debut three new sleep bedding accessories. The Trio is a new organic pillow system which features a three-piece design to provide dual action compression along with a luxurious outer comfort layer and an adjustable organic latex inner pillow. A zippered compartment allows users to adjust the fill for proper postural alignment and optimal comfort and support. The company will also introduce a waterproof organic cotton protector that safeguards mattresses without altering its comfort feel, or utilizing any PVC, phthalates, latex rubber, and PFCs. The final market introduction is the FlexSlate Adjustable Slat Foundation, which provides greater air circulation and tension adjustments for customized support using flexible wooden slats instead of the springs found in a traditional box spring.