Naturepedic Founder Speaks at “Safer Chemicals” Symposium

Barry Cik, founder of Naturepedic, recently joined David Levine of the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), Jim Jones, Assistant Administrator, EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, and other “green products” business executives from Seventh Generation and Green Depot, to speak at a symposium on “Safer Chemicals, Creating New Business Opportunities.” Naturepedic is a leader in safer, healthier, expertly-designed organic mattresses, bedding, and top-of-bed products for babies, kids, and adults.

Cik, an environmental engineer, pointed out that approximately 880 chemicals are used in commercial applications in the United States. “Many people are under the impression that the chemicals used to create, finish, or to treat products, have been tested and vetted for safety and health related issues, when in fact they have not even been tested at all. Most chemicals are not realistically regulated by the Federal Government. Only a small percentage of these chemicals have in fact actually been tested for toxic effects.” The other speakers at the October 23rd ASBC conference held in Washington, DC also noted a significant increase in allergies, asthma, cancer rates, autism, and other illnesses and symptoms which have been increasing among Americans at an alarming rate.

Addressing the topic of “economic and job creation opportunities associated with creating more toxic chemical-free and safer products, Cik noted that ten years ago he created Naturepedic in Ohio to manufacture and market organic cotton-based baby crib mattresses, pillows and top-of-bed products. The “organic” health and safety message was so popular with new mothers that Naturepedic grew to become the number one manufacturer of organic baby crib mattresses in the United States. The company grew from a start-up family business ten years ago, to employing over sixty people today.

“There is growing market for healthier, safer, organic-based products in the U.S.,” stated Cik. We have expanded our baby crib business to cover kids’ beds, and, recently, we introduced a whole line-up of mattresses, pillows and toppers for the adult marketplace. It is smart business for manufacturers to create and market healthier and safer products, stated Cik.

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