Magniflex Ensures a Cooler Night’s Sleep with Magnigel Foam

Just in time for the rising temperatures of summer, Magniflex is showcasing their patented Magnigel Foam. This unique formulation provides a superior solution for maintaining a cool sleeping environment throughout the night.

Similar to their renowned MagniFoam, Magniflex’s third generation Magnigel features a high-density molecular structure to encourage proper spinal alignment and circulation, while also promoting increased airflow and heat dissipation throughout the bed. The structure of the flexible gel highly breathable, providing an unmatched feeling of fresh, dry comfort, keeping mattresses and pillows cooler for longer. Lower temperatures assist with the body’s natural thermoregulation to help sleepers fall asleep sooner and ensure a more restful night’s sleep.

The Magnigel Collection consists of three mattress models and three pillow options. The Magnigel 9 and the Magnigel Dual 10 feature medium-soft support, while the Magnigel Dual Deluze 12 boasts a soft support feel. The Dual 10 and Dual Deluxe 12 models also feature two gel foam cores within a removable zip cover, each featuring a firmer and softer side so couples can customize their sleep experience based on individual comfort preferences.

Like all of Magniflex’s products, the Magnigel Foam mattresses and pillow are OEKO-TEX certified, sourced from local, EU-regulated suppliers.