Latexco US Earns FSC Certification

Latexco US recently obtained FSC certification from the NEPCon, making it the only single-source producer of latex and polyurethane foam in the U.S. with FSC certified latex products.

FSC certification indicates that Latexco US products carrying the FSC label meet certain high standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council ensuring that the raw materials have been sourced from a forest using environmentally responsible practices.

Applying to extraction of the natural latex sap to the finished mattress, this FSC chain of custody certificate guarantees that the product is fully traceable and trackable.

“FSC is about transparency and traceability throughout the process, which is vital to the Latexco commitment to sustainability,” said Ben Ducatteeuw, CEO of Latexco US. “We are proud of this distinction and to be able to tell our growing base of customers that our latex products come from responsibly managed forests, transported directly to our plant and made into premium products designed to improve the quality of life of consumers.”

The company identifies three pillars to its sustainability story. The Economics pillar represents healthy long-term business management with added value for the local economy. The Ecological pillar serves to maintain and strengthen the forest ecosystem. The Social pillar exercises respect for the rights of local people and employees.


About Latexco US - FSC C142266: Latexco USA is a forward-thinking, customer-centric organization uniquely positioned to serve as a one-stop shop with innovative bedding solutions, customization and fulfillment capabilities and impressive speed to market. With facilities on the east and west coast, it is the only U.S. producer of both latex and polyurethane foam under one roof.