Latexco US Debuts SonoCore Product, ‘Pulse’

Latexco US, a manufacturer of latex and polyurethane foam products to the bedding industry, has launched Pulse, the flagship latex product from its patented SonoCore process, now made in the U.S.

The new Pulse latex toppers truly define comfort, say Latexco officials. Produced by the revolutionary SonoCore process, Pulse has a highly consistent and homogeneous foam structure unique to the patented process that uses radio frequency technology and dielectric heating instead of conventional steam heating and drying. Supporting Latexco’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing, SonoCore is a cost-efficient process that is proven to significantly reduce energy consumption.

“Extreme comfort and softness are Pulse’s signature attribute and benefit,” said Brent Limer, Chief Sales Officer for Latexco US. “With the SonoCore process, we are able to achieve a unique product that provides a perfectly balanced microclimate because it has superior ventilation and humidity control properties.”

With SonoCore technology, the latex is vulcanized endogenously, which means it starts at the core of the latex material and gradually goes to the outside. This allows for a more uniform development of the cell structure than what is found in products made from a traditional process.

Pulse also touts a completely new latex compound formulation, which Latexco researched and developed especially for this premiere SonoCore product line. The groundbreaking formulation coupled with the highly efficient SonoCore process yields “the perfect comfort layer with excellent SAG factor and tensile strength that can also say it has the best ecological footprint in the entire latex foam industry,” said Limer.

Pulse comfort layers and toppers are available in Classic, Original and Natural, as 100% natural or 50% natural and 50% synthetic blends. They are also offered with design options: waved, with continuous or zoned linear waves; Jute, as a protective coat between pocket spring mattress core mattress and the topper; and Oxygel-infused for an airy, cool feel during sleep.


About Latexco US: Latexco US is a forward-thinking, customer-centric organization uniquely positioned to serve as a one-stop shop with innovative bedding solutions, customization and fulfillment capabilities and impressive speed to market. With facilities on the east and west coast, it is the only U.S. producer of both latex and polyurethane foam under one roof.