Latexco Introduces Sonocore Process

Latexco Latex and GelLatexco, LLC, earns its place as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of latex foam with the company’s latest introduction. At Interzum, the world’s trade show for furniture industry suppliers, this past May, Latexco introduced a revolutionary way of making latex through a proprietary manufacturing processes called Sonocore.

This new process represents a major departure from the Dunlop and Talalay process pioneered by the latex industry’s early developers. Both the Dunlop process, developed in the late 1890s and the Talalay process, introduced in the 1930s, use conventional exogenous (outside to inside) heating and drying methods to make latex components. Both processes are highly energy and time consuming and typically produce an irregular foam structure.

By late 2012, Latexco had perfected its version of the Sonocore, endogenous (inside to outside) vulcanizing and drying process, to use on its newly revised latex compound formulations. These two sets of innovations resulted in a more energy-efficient manufacturing method that Latexco could use to produce a more homogenous latex foam structure that is stronger and more durable than earlier versions.

Latexco used these new manufacturing processes to produce “Pulse,” a fast-recovery latex foam with a consistent, open-cell structure that uses less energy to make than those produced using the Dunlop or Talalay processes. Pulse has excellent ventilation, superb resilience and unique height and is extremely strong and durable.

On the other end of the spectrum, “Re-shape,” the company’s slow recovery latex foam has a natural smoothness and elasticity, conforming closely to the user’s body-shape. It is also insensitive to temperature changes, which guarantees sleeping comfort in all seasons, unlike conventional slow-recovery foam products, which only react when exposed to body temperature. Re-shape also offers excellent ventilation comfort and durability. The homogenous foam structure also makes Reshape breathable, ensuring a comfortable microclimate.

Latexco’s innovations are featured in four new toppers, all of which offer extraordinary comfort, strength and durability.

BIOH Gel-Infused Toppers:

Cargill, an international producer of agricultural and industrial products, has developed a new BiOH polyol (a polymer compound) with more than 90 percent renewable content that can be formulated into gel products and fused with latex foam. This new compound can replace 100 percent of the petroleum polyols that gel products contain and increase renewable content in mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows.

Puralux Blue Gel Toppers:

Puralux GelThese toppers combine Latexco’s hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, dust mite-resistance latex (all latex—no fillers) with an infusion of high-density, shock absorbing Ergo gel to provide full back support and relief from painful pressure points. These toppers are thermo-regulating, maximize airflow and are designed to minimize body impressions. Consumers can choose from 25 percent to 100 percent gel coverage options. This combination is offered in toppers and rolls, with or without perforations. All are one-piece construction (no glue seams), are available in all sizes, and have consistent feel throughout.

XStream Air Toppers:

This new breed of light-weight topper contains Puralux with all of the benefits it provides, combined with open-cell polyurethane to provide three-dimensional airflow and wick moisture away from the body, keeping the sleeper cool and dry. XSTream Air toppers also have enhanced durability due to this manufacturing process.

Theta/Thermic PCM-Treated Toppers:

These latex toppers are treated with Phase Change Materials (PCM), which can absorb, store and emit heat without altering the product’s temperature; in other words, they serve as an energy buffer, absorbing more than 80 times the rise in temperature an untreated topper can absorb. In addition to absorbing heat in warm temperatures, the toppers will transmit heat in a cold bed to keep the sleeper at a constant temperature in the best comfort zone over a long period of time.

Kevin Callinan, Latexco’s vice president of sales, summed up the benefits of Latexco’s innovative products, saying, “Our company offers the highest quality latex components at competitive prices with more real features and benefits than any other latex producer. We provide exclusive components to the manufacturer that offer honest sleep benefits and improvements at excellent price points, featuring high material quality, features and unprecedented sleep quality improvements.”