Latex International Unveils Gel-Infused Talalay Latex

Latex International is expanding its Talalay latex component offerings with a gel-infused product. The company will introduce TalaGel, the first of its kind on the market by combining the cooling properties of gel with the anti- microbial, dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic properties of Talalay latex.

“The momentum in our category is coming from the Talalay segment and dealers are looking to us to present more innovation and enhancements, as we are doing with TalaGel,” said President and CEO Dave Fisher.

Known for its innovative formulations, Latex International developed TalaGel to address the growing manufacturer and retailer interest in developing more products that address tem- perature regulation. TalaGel provides all the same benefits of the company’s Classic Talalay, but with the added natural cooling benefit. In addition to relieving pressure and providing support, this new gel-infused product wicks heat away from the body, helping individuals sleep at their most optimal body temperatures.

“One of the main marketplace issues our dealers face is a consumer looking to specialty bedding but wanting extra assurance that it will sleep cool–while also having the other important benefits of premium Talalay,” Fisher explained. “We are delivering something quite exciting to the market with TalaGel.”

The company will make another exciting introduction at the Winter Las Vegas Market; following recent announcements regarding its re-organization, Latex International will officially change its name to “Talalay Global.”

The company stated that the new name redefines the organization and better reflects its position as a worldwide leader in premium Talalay products.

“We are the only company in North America, and the largest one of only two sophisticated manufacturers globally, that produce Talalay—which is the finest component that is used to manufacture luxury sleep products,” Fisher explained. “Over the past few months, we have intensified our focus on exactly who we are, and what our customers already know. We are Talalay, we are a luxury product, and we are ‘purely the best.’ Our name and marketing will clearly send this message to the world going forward.”