Latex International Offers New Mattress Component Options

At the recent ISPA Expo, Latex International highlighted its most recent mattress and bedding component introductions. Its new Talalay Latex Pressure Relief Roll Toppers are adjustable-bed-friendly, offering mattress and bedding makers a unique pressure-reducing feel, while the company’s new Talalay Latex Support Cylinders offer enhanced airflow and can be used to create in a mattress as a pressure relief layer or a full-body support layer.

Building upon the success of its “Latex is What’s Next” campaign, Latex International is also focusing on its unique mattress building concepts and latex formulations to help its manufacturing partners create differentiation for their various mattress retailers.

One such concept is the company’s Talalay Latex Massaging Wave Topper. The company says this concept can create enhanced airflow and provide either a pressure relief or a full-body support layer for a mattress. Additionally the conceptual Talalay Latex Pressure Relief Roll Toppers are designed to lie across a mattress horizontally. This alone makes them the ideal component for mattresses used on adjustable beds. Manufacturers can also customize the cylinders and even select from different diameters and latex formulations, including Talalay GL, Graphite Infused Talalay Latex and CTR Talalay Latex.

“The Talalay Latex Massaging Wave Topper is our latest product solution to help our manufacturing partners build uniquely different beds. These latex cylinders promote increased airflow, ideal body alignment, perfect pressure relief and are specifically built to complement adjustable beds,” said Latex International President and CEO Dave Fisher. “Our full range of Talalay Latex support components has been instrumental in expanding the latex category and we believe this is the next big thing for the industry.”

Latex International also displayed several temperature regulating formulations of Talalay Latex including Talalay GL, Talalay GL Premium and Graphite Infused Talalay in addition to Traditional Talatech, All Natural Talalay Latex and Controlled Thermal Reaction (CTR) Latex.

“As a component supplier, our job is to provide our mattress manufacturing customers with a steady stream of high quality product solutions that help our manufacturing partners build uniquely different beds to best fit the needs of their individual retailers,” said Fisher. “With our strong R&D capability, we have really turned our display area into a thought-leadership center that sparks ideas and new types of collaboration with our customers. We have expanded the bandwidth of latex and given our customers far more choice and options that can lead to the creation of very exciting new products. Essentially, we’re allowing our manufacturing partners to take over the role of the architect and create a mattress blueprint tailored to their exact needs—the manufacturer hand picks the parts and we supply them with what they need.”