Latex International Introduces Temperature Regulating Talalay

Latex International will debut its temperature regulating Talalay GL™ product at the upcoming ISPA Expo, March 14 - 17, 2012 in Indianapolis. Utilizing phase change material, Talalay GL stores and releases energy on demand, helping two partners sleep at their optimal body temperatures.

“Since interest in sleep products with gel technology has risen, customers are looking for innovative new products that give their brands a point of differentiation,” said Latex International President and CEO Dave Fisher. “Talalay GL allows manufacturers to offer retailers a simple compelling solution to address the challenges often associated with sleeping hot and cold. The technology cools a warm sleeper and warms a cool sleeper in the same bed.”

Talalay GL is available in both “Fast” and “Slow” recovery options. Designed to meet the demand for a variety of comfort feels, it provides manufacturers a material that feels like traditional Talalay Latex or one that mimics high quality memory foam.

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About Latex International: Founded in 1975, Latex International is the world’s largest manufacturer of latex mattresses and pillows, sold under many leading brand names through strategic business partners. Talalay Latex sleep products offer a unique feel of comfort and support by gently conforming to body contours, which provides a naturally resilient and healthy sleep environment. More than 200 employees produce mattress cores, toppers and pillow buns utilizing both the Talalay and Dunlop manufacturing processes. Latex International manufactures latex in Shelton, CT and manages over 10 distribution and fabrication centers throughout the world.