Latex International Introduces Talalay Latex Support Cylinders

Talalay Latex Support CylindersLatex International has brought another innovative latex solution to sleep products manufacturers following the successful roll out of its graphite-infused latex. The company is introducing Talalay Latex Support Cylinders, high-tech Talalay latex cylinders that can be used to create enhanced airflow in a mattress as a pressure relief layer or a full-body support layer.

“The Talalay Latex Support Cylinder is our latest offering that enhances the phenomenal properties of latex. These latex cylinders promote increased airflow, ideal body alignment when used in the support core and heightened muscle relaxation when used in the pressure relief layer,” said Latex International President and CEO Dave Fisher. “We believe there is an opportunity in the market for latex support cylinders as a way to build additional breathability into mattresses, enhancing the natural airflow properties inherent in the cell structure of Talalay Latex.”

The Talalay Latex cylinders’ contour design is made from the most durable component on the market and provides independent and individualized support, minimizing motion disturbance between two sleeping partners while contouring to each sleeper for ideal spinal alignment and body positioning. Whether used as a pressure relief layer or a support layer, the cylinders are fully “zone-able” for customized support.

“We believe we are becoming one of the most innovative components manufacturers in the industry. Our commitment to introducing new, US-made Talalay latex technologies consistently provides our customers with more options to create unique and differentiated products with fundamentally different stories, feels, and benefits,” added Fisher. “Our Talalay Latex Support Cylinders is another game changing introduction that will position Talalay latex as a top of mind solution for better mattresses and sleep.”

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About Latex International: Founded in 1975, Latex International is a global manufacturer of latex mattresses and pillows, sold under many leading brand names through strategic business partners. Talalay Latex sleep products offer unsurpassed durability and levels of weightless comfort. More than 200 employees produce mattress cores, toppers and pillow buns utilizing both the Talalay and Dunlop manufacturing processes. Latex International manufactures latex in Shelton, CT and manages over 10 distribution and fabrication centers throughout the world.